Indian Teacher beaten for sending Student Obscene Messages

An Indian teacher from Maharashtra was beaten after he had allegedly been sending obscene messages to one of his female students.

Indian Teacher Beaten for sending Obscene Messages to Student f

Devmunde confessed to sending the messages out of fear

An Indian teacher was beaten by the family of one of his students after they accused him of sending obscene messages to her.

The incident happened in the town of Lonavala, Maharashtra, on Thursday, November 21, 2019.

It was reported that the teacher had been sending explicit messages to the female student over a period of several days.

The girl later told her family who subsequently assaulted him. One member of the mob filmed the brutal beating and shared the video online.

After carrying out the assault, the family informed the police of the teacher’s actions and a case was registered.

Police officers have identified the accused as Suresh Devmunde. He worked as a teacher at Janata Vidyalaya in Khopoli.

He began sending explicit messages to one of his students. The girl’s ordeal lasted a number of days.

After receiving several messages from the Indian teacher, the girl showed the messages to her family who became enraged.

Deciding to take action, the girl’s family went to the school and located the teacher.

They dragged Devmunde out of his classroom and into the schoolyard where they brutally beat him.

As well as beating him, they tore off Devmunde’s clothes in front of other staff members and students.

Police have stated that some members of the mob were associates of Raj Thackeray, chairman of the political party, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.

The student’s family later went to the police and explained that Devmunde had been sending the girl obscene messages.

Officers approached the teacher and questioned him about the allegations. Devmunde confessed to sending the messages out of fear that he would be beaten again.

Devmunde was arrested and was remanded in custody while the investigation continues to find out why he was sending objectionable messages to his student.

Several cases of teachers committing crimes involving their students have come to light.

In one case, which emerged in Bihar, a teacher and one of his students were arrested for uploading photos of his female students on social media with porn comments.

Sanjay Kumar had created a fake account where he would upload photos of his students without their permission. He would also caption them with explicit comments.

Many of the parents came across the photos and informed the police. An investigation led to the arrest of Kumar and his student.

The parents said that Kumar would teach the students more about social media rather than English.

When questioned, Kumar admitted to the crime and stated that it was to teach the girls about the negative effect that social media could have on a person.

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