Tinder to Warn Users before sending Offensive Messages

In a bid to combat harassment, Tinder is implementing a feature that warns users before they send a message that is potentially offensive.

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the feature has reduced inappropriate language

Tinder has introduced a feature that warns its users before they send potentially offensive messages.

The dating app implemented its new feature, intending to reduce harassment on the platform.

Tinder will now ask users ‘Are You Sure (AYS)?’ before they send a message containing potentially offensive language.

Tinder’s new ‘AYS?’ feature is the first of its kind in the dating space.

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect offensive language and intervenes to warn the sender, asking them to pause before they decide to send.

The AI is based on what Tinder’s members have reported in the past.

According to the platform, the feature has already reduced inappropriate language in messages by more than 10%.

In a statement issued on Thursday, May 20, 2021, Tracey Breeden, Head of Safety and Social Advocacy for Match Group, said:

“The early results from these features show us that intervention done the right way can be really meaningful in changing behaviour and building a community where everyone feels like they can be themselves.”

Tinder already has ‘Does This Bother You?’ in place, which provides support for users when they receive a message with harmful language.

Tinder’s new ‘AYS?’ feature is the latest addition to its current range of harm-reduction tools.

These features, combined with a lack of social interaction due to Covid-19, have contributed to more matches and longer conversations on the platform.

Dating apps have seen a surge in new users due to the pandemic.

As a result, they have been thinking of new ways to protect and support their members.

They have found that opinions around Covid-19 are a dealbreaker for many users when it comes to a potential partner.

So, dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Hinge are implementing a new vaccination badge for their members.

Users will be able to show on their profile if they have received a Covid-19 vaccine, or intend to receive one.

Anukool Kumar, OkCupid’s marketing director, said:

“There were higher engagements with a potential partner where the intentions are clear of wanting love by expressing exactly what they want in a relationship.”

According to OkCupid’s research, users who would get a Covid-19 vaccination received 25% more likes than those who would not.

As well as this, 41% of women and 30% of men said they would cancel a date with an anti-vaxxer.

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