Asian Wife horrifically stabs Ex-Husband after Sex

An Asian taxi driver, Bilal Mohammed, recounted the horrific details of how his ex-wife launched a brutal attack on him after sex.

Asian Wife horrifically stabs Ex-Husband after Sex

“The violence used by Dalya Saeed was without justification.”

The Birmingham Crown Court has heard the horrific account of how an Asian woman stabbed her ex-husband and tried to pull out his intestines after having sex.

Addressing the jury, Bilal Mohammed stated that Dalya Saeed contacted him on October 19, 2015 – two years after they have split up – about their daughter.

The 34-year-old Dalya invited him to her Moseley home where they had sex. She also expressed concern over custody arrangement.

She was worried that Bilal would take their daughter to Pakistan ‘forever’ if he was to be granted custody.

The 31-year-old taxi driver promised he would not do so, before they got intimate again.

But this time, Dalya launched a severe attack on her ex-husband, whom she met while working together in a Birmingham restaurant.

Asian Wife horrifically stabs Ex-Husband after SexBilal told the court: “She started to kiss my lips, my neck and my chest and then all of a sudden, within a blink of an eye, she stabbed me twice in the belly.

“I do not know whether the knife was under the bed or in her robe. I said to her, ‘What have you done?’ She then stood up and stabbed me again.

“I grabbed the knife from her. When I grabbed the knife my intestines were out. She was trying to hold on to my intestines and pull them.

“She pulled part of them off. I threw the knife behind a sofa and held the rest of them in my belly.”

Dalya made sure he could not leave the house and hit him with a salt and pepper grinder.

When he managed to flee, Bilal started shouting on the street for help. However, Dalya followed him with a machete and continued to attack him.

Prosecutor Paul Western said: “The violence used by Dalya Saeed was without justification.

“The clearest evidence of the defendant’s intention to kill Bilal Mohammed is that she ripped or possibly cut part of his intestines from his body, having cut open his abdomen. That alone could have killed him.

“Even when she must have known he was frightened for his life and was struggling to escape from her flat, Saeed persisted in her attack and inflicted even more serious injuries.”

Despite admitting to stabbing Bilal, Dalya presented a drastically different story. She claimed he raped her and came after her with a machete afterwards, hence she stabbed him out of self-defence.

The trial continues.

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Images courtesy of Birmingham Mail

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