Indian Man kills Wife & Stabs Daughter for Arranging Marriage

An Indian man from Kalyan murdered his wife and injured his daughter. It is believed that the arrangements for his daughter’s wedding led to the incident.

Indian Man kills Wife & Stabs Daughter for Arranging Marriage f

"an inebriated Mohan began arguing with Manisha"

An Indian man identified as Mohan Gurunath Mahajan, aged 52, from Kalyan, Maharashtra, stabbed his wife to death and injured his daughter.

The husband and wife had an argument which resulted in the stabbing. Mahajan turned his attack towards his daughter when she tried to intervene.

According to officers, the incident took place at their home in the Thankar Pada area near Kala Talav on Thursday, April 25, 2019.

Since 2017, the suspect and his wife Manisha have stopped getting along and would often get into arguments with each other.

It is believed that the murder and attempted murder stemmed from an argument about their 24-year-old daughter’s wedding arrangements.

Mahajan became upset that his wife did not consult him about his daughter getting married, which was expected to take place in May 2019.

Mahajan, who was in a drunken state, got angry and it led to him grabbing a knife and fatally stabbing his wife.

A police officer from Bazarpeth Police Station said:

“On Thursday night, an inebriated Mohan began arguing with Manisha over arrangements for the daughter’s wedding. It led to him stabbing the victim.”

Senior police inspector Yashwant Chavan said:

“When daughter Gauravi intervened, her father allegedly stabbed her six times in various parts of the body.”

“It was her fiance, whom she had called for help, alerted the police.”

Gauravi, who was due to get married on May 8, 2019, was taken to hospital in a critical condition. She has since shown positive signs of recovery.

On the basis of what Gauravi’s fiance said, the police have registered a case against Mohan.

Chavan added: “We have registered a case of murder, attempt to murder and voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means against Mohan.”

Sheetal Dalal, a relative of the family said:

“Mohan’s ego was hurt because he thought that his wife was not seeking his permission or consulting him regarding their daughter’s marriage. This led to a nasty fight.”

While it has been said that the attack was due to the victim arranging the marriage, the police have not confirmed what the actual reason was.

They have not determined the actual reasons as they have not recorded Gauravi’s statement. They will be able to once the doctor allows them to.

Mohan, who works as a driver, has since gone on the run and police officers are searching for his whereabouts.

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