Indian Man stabs and kills Woman after Friendship Spat

An Indian man residing in Maharashtra stabbed a woman to death following an argument. The two were close friends prior to the row.

Indian Man stabs and kills Woman after Friendship Spat f

"She was stabbed several times in her stomach and chest"

An Indian man identified as Karan Manohar Dakhani, aged 23, was arrested for allegedly stabbing a woman to death.

It is believed that Dakhani murdered 26-year-old housewife Sanam Sachin Karotiya following a bitter spat between the two. They had been friends prior to the row and had kept in regular contact with each other.

The incident happened in broad daylight at APMC market in Kalyan, Maharashtra.

According to officers from Bazarpeth Police Station, they got word of the stabbing and arrested Dakhani within an hour of the stabbing incident.

They received a phone call from a witness who explained that a woman had been stabbed a number of times by a man.

The victim was taken to the nearby Bai Rukhminibai hospital in Kalyan, but she was declared dead.

DCP Vivek Pansare, who operates in the city of Kalyan, said:

“The incident took place at around 4:30 pm.”

“She was stabbed several times in her stomach and chest by the accused with the help of a knife.”

Police began investigating the murder. With the help of witness statements and CCTV footage which captured the incident, they identified and arrested Dakhani.

They discovered that the Indian man was a resident of Ulhasnagar in Maharashtra and was unemployed. Officers also found out that he has a criminal history.

According to officers, Dakhani and Sanam had been good friends, however, an argument between the two led to the victim cutting ties with the suspect.

The police believe that the argument was the motive for the murder. It is unclear what the row was about.

Dakhani had lured the victim under the pretext of resolving things. He persuaded her to meet him at the APMC market at 4:30 pm because it is quite isolated during the late afternoon.

He then allegedly stabbed her multiple times with the intention of killing her. Dakhani then left his former friend to die and fled the scene before he was arrested.

A case has been registered against the suspect and he was booked under the section of murder of the Indian Penal Code.

He was remanded in custody while police officers continued to investigate the murder further.

There have been a number of incidents where the perpetrator has lured the victim to an area before murdering them.

In one case, a man killed another young man over a girl they both were romantically interested in. Archit Chauhan used the girl as bait to lure 19-year-old Ajay Kumar.

Chauhan shot him dead when he arrived. He briefly went on the run before he was arrested.

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