Predator got into Woman’s Bed in Home once a ‘Safe Haven’

A predator was jailed after breaking into a woman’s house and assaulting her in her bed. Now his victim cannot face going home.

Predator got into Woman’s Bed in Home once a ‘Safe Haven’ - f

"I have had to move out of my home"

A woman said she has been forced to live in a hotel with her baby after a predator crept into her home and violated her ‘safe haven.’

33-year-old Mahmun Ahmed was handed an extended prison sentence after Judge Graham Knowles QC said he posed a serious risk to lone women.

The predator’s victim was asleep in her flat in Lancaster when Ahmed climbed in through the living room window and got into bed with her.

At first, the woman thought it was her former partner but when she turned on the bedroom light she found a stranger had been cuddling and kissing her.

Judge Knowles said Ahmed was driven by “entrenched attitudes to relationships” and feeling “entitled to sexual fulfilment.”

Ahmed was chased from the flat by the woman’s brother, who was asleep in the living room – but not before the predator had stolen his mobile phone.

When the woman’s brother caught up with the intruder, he punched him causing him to bleed.

Ahmed was identified from DNA taken from the brother’s fist.

Speaking about the impact of the offence, which took place in the early hours of October 21 2021, the woman said:

“As a young single parent, I had little money although I was able to work hard and save for this flat.”

“It is a place I enjoyed spending time and making memories. I loved watching my baby growing up, learning to crawl.

“This flat was my home, my safe haven, my own and my life. This has all been turned on its head by this one incident.

“I have had to move out of my home as I no longer feel safe in my flat, the flat I have worked so hard to make my home.

“The council have so far only been able to move me into a hotel in a different town, isolated from all my support.

“Guests in the hotel walk down the hall – every bang, crack, any noise makes me jump.

“I have been prescribed sleeping tablets but I am afraid to take them because I want to be able to wake up.

“My hair has started to fall out and my gums and mouth bleed. I put this down to the stress this situation has triggered.

“I have been diagnosed with depression and have been referred for counselling. This man has taken away my trust in humanity.”

Mahmun Ahmed, of Godolphin Road, Slough, was arrested and did not comment in the police interview. He pleaded guilty to burglary and sexual assault.

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