Indian Man commits Suicide after ‘Abuse’ by Policewoman

An Indian man in Raipur has allegedly committed suicide due to being tortured by a policewoman in Dasera on December 5, 2020.

Indian Man commits Suicide after 'Abuse' by Policewoman ft

"He was not the kind of person to harm himself, the madam drove him to end his life."

A resident of Dasera in India, Dharmendra Adil, hung himself after getting bail from a Raipur court allegedly due to the police’s actions towards him.

The family of the deceased blamed Old Basti Station in-charge, IPS Ratna Singh for allegedly torturing him, which led to his suicide.

Dharmendra’s maternal Uncle, Ravi Gilhaire, said that the victim was taken to the police station where he faced verbal abuse by the policewoman.

The family tried to speak with the officials calmly, however, they were not ready to listen.

The deceased could not bear the humiliation, hence, ended up hanging himself after coming home.

Dharmendra had been living with his maternal uncle while pursuing a Post Graduate in Computer Application.

On the day of the incident, the deceased was held by the cops for allegedly teasing a woman from Old Basti.

He was kept at the police station the entire day.

Later in the evening, he was made to leave after being granted bail.

Dharmendra could not bear the humiliation he allegedly suffered by the policewoman and committed suicide.

Gilhaire said:

“Dharmendra came to live with us for studies. He was an intelligent student. He was humiliated in the police station.

“If the matter was serious, the police should have called us being his guardian, however, they started abusing him.

“When I went to speak with the police, they did not even respond to me.

“He was not the kind of person to harm himself, the madam drove him to end his life.

“Dharmendra had informed me about Singh abusing him.”

The police have issued no statement on Gilhaire’s accusations.

In another incident in April 2020, an Indian man from Patiala allegedly committed suicide after being beaten and humiliated by the police.

Bhupinder Singh of Patiala was allegedly cane charged by the police while going out to buy milk for his family amid the lockdown in India.

The family alleged that he was brutally beaten up by the police, after which he came home and allegedly committed suicide later the same day.

The police refuted all the allegations of the family members.

They claimed that the deceased’s wife had approached them to file a domestic violence case against the victim prior to the incident.

Following which the police reached the spot and asked the woman asking her to fill out the appropriate paperwork to lodge a formal complaint.

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