Man commits Suicide after Abuse from Wife & In-Laws

A man from Haryana tragically took his own life. It was believed he took the extreme step after being subjected to abuse from his wife and in-laws.

Man commits Suicide after Abuse from Wife & In-Laws f

Four male relatives turned up at the house and beat Sachin.

An e-rickshaw driver was found dead on February 24, 2020, having committed suicide. It was alleged that he received abuse from his wife and in-laws.

The incident happened in Dabur Colony, Bhiwani, Haryana.

The matter came to light when the man sent a video message to his brother, explaining the abuse. After the video ended, the man jumped in front of a train.

Police identified the deceased as 34-year-old Sachin.

It was reported that a physical assault and affair accusations had led Sachin to take his own life.

His brother Vipin told police that his older brother was an e-rickshaw driver. It had been hired by two young women for marketing.

While Sachin drove the vehicle, the two women would carry out marketing.

On February 22, 2020, Sachin drove the women home before going to get something to eat. After having food, he went back to work.

However, his wife Meenu believed he was having an affair with both women. When she accused Sachin of infidelity, an argument broke out.

Meenu then called her family. Four male relatives turned up at the house and beat Sachin.

The next day, Meenu filed a complaint against her husband. Sachin was told to go to the police station and forced to pay Rs. 10 Lakh (£10,700) to settle the matter.

He told police about the abuse he suffered but the police allegedly did not listen to his ordeal.

On February 24, at around 7:15 pm, Sachin went to a railway track and sent a video to his brother, explaining that he was abused by his wife and in-laws.

He also sent a voice message to Meenu, blaming her for the step he was about to take.

In the message, he reportedly told Vipin:

“I am going to die, you should take care of my children.”

He went on to reveal his location and also instructed his brother to pick up his body.

Vipin arrived at the scene and found his brother’s body. He informed the Government Railway Police (GRP). They arrived at the scene and took the body to a hospital.

After a post-mortem was completed, the body was handed over to the relatives.

Vipin explained that his brother got married to Meenu in 2015 and they have two children.

GRP investigating officer Hawa Singh said:

“The relatives complained against Sachin’s wife Meenu, mother-in-law Renu, father-in-law Ashok and brother-in-law Ravi for mentally harassing him and forcing him to commit suicide.

“The complaint on which a case has been filed under Section 306 and action has been taken.”

While a case has been registered, the claims that the police did not act on Sachin’s complaint were denied.

Fort Police Station officer-in-charge Atar Singh said: “The allegations against the police are baseless.”

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