Indian Wife commits Suicide after Abuse by Husband & Brother

In a tragic incident, an Indian wife from Gujarat took her own life after being subjected to horrific abuse by her husband and his brother.

Indian Wife commits Suicide after Abuse by Husband & Brother f

It led to Salim brutally beating his wife.

An Indian wife committed suicide after being abused by her husband and brother-in-law.

The victim endured harassment and violence for years before taking her own life.

The incident took place in the town of Limbayat, Surat, Gujarat.

Police identified the suspects as Salim Pathan and Dewar Javed while the deceased was named as Afsana.

Afsana, a resident of Salabatpura, got married to Salim in 2005.

However, shortly after their marriage, he began harassing her. Salim’s brother Dewar also began harassing Afsana.

As well as subjecting her to harassment, Salim threatened to divorce her and marry someone else.

The brothers even stopped Afsana from visiting her parents.

On January 15, 2020, the abuse turned physical when the Indian wife asked Salim for some money to spend on household items.

He refused and the couple argued. It led to Salim brutally beating his wife.

Following the assault, Afsana called the police and Salim was arrested. Despite the arrest, the violence continued.

When Dewar found out about his brother’s arrest, he grabbed Afsana by the hair and began beating her.

Salim was released on bail. Upon arriving home, Salim assaulted his wife.

The ordeal became too much for Afsana and she decided to take her own life. On January 28, 2020, she consumed rat poison and told her father Razak about her ordeal.

Razak reached the house and took his daughter to the hospital. Afsana tragically died on January 29.

Her father went to the police station and told officers that his daughter took her own life due to the abuse she had been subjected to.

Based on Razak’s statement, a case of inciting suicide was registered against Salim and his brother. Officers are working to arrest the two suspects.

In a similar case, a newly married woman committed suicide after being harassed by her in-laws.

The woman, who got married in December 2019, was taunted by her in-laws. They also demanded more dowry.

After her marriage, her in-laws verbally abused her for not bringing a lot of dowry. The in-laws had demanded a car and enough money to build a house.

The young woman was also treated like a maid and constantly told to do housework.

After explaining her ordeal to her father, the woman hung herself from the ceiling fan.

Her husband and in-laws discovered her body and later informed the police.

The deceased’s father explained what his daughter was going through and a case of dowry murder was registered against the husband, mother-in-law and aunt-in-law.

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