Delhi Policeman shot Himself after killing Female Cop ‘He Loved’

A Delhi policeman shot himself shortly after killing a female cop. It was reported that the police officer was in love with her.

Delhi Policeman shoots Himself after killing Female Cop 'He Loved' f

“Three bullets were fired at her from closed range."

A female sub-inspector was shot dead by a Delhi policeman in the Rohini area. He later went to Sonipat, Haryana where he shot himself.

The incident happened during the evening of February 8, 2020.

The sub-inspector, Preeti Ahlawat, had been on her way home when she was shot dead by Delhi officer Deepanshu Rathi.

An investigation revealed that Rathi had asked to meet Preeti after she finished work. He met with her and later committed the murder.

Police received reports of the incident at around 9:30 pm. Officers arrived at the scene and Preeti was rushed to the hospital, however, she was declared brought dead.

One police officer said:

“Three bullets were fired at her from closed range.

“Two hit her in the head while the third bullet hit a car passing through the area. She was brought to a hospital.”

Rathi fled the area where he later turned the gun on himself.

At around 3 am, Haryana police received reports of a policeman found dead in his car. The deceased was identified as Rathi.

A police team from Delhi was sent to the area to carry out further investigations.

Officers discovered that Rathi was in love with Preeti and wanted to marry her. Text messages between the two confirmed it. However, she distanced herself from him and eventually blocked his number.

Preeti’s phone was taken for analysis where officers found Rathi’s number saved under the name of Wikipedia.

CCTV cameras of the area were also reviewed which enabled officers to trace Rathi. After finding his dead body, officers did not find a suicide note.

In 2018, Preeti was employed as a sub-inspector and she was assigned to work with Rathi during their training.

They took a liking to each other, however, in June 2019, Preeti distanced herself from the Delhi policeman.

It was revealed that Preeti’s family did not like the idea of a marriage between them.

Rathi later found out that Preeti was arranged to marry someone else which angered him.

According to police, Preeti’s mother was a teacher while her father was a retired Border Security Force worker. Her brother lives in New Zealand and works as a computer engineer.

Rathi’s father is a retired sub-inspector for the Haryana Police and is a resident of Sonipat.

One officer stated that three empty cartridges were found near Preeti’s body. A case was registered and the investigation continues.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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