Indian Girl arrested for Killing Policeman Father & Mother

In a shocking incident, a 15-year-old Indian girl has been arrested for killing her father, a policeman, and her mother.

Minor Girl

The minor girl turned out to be the prime suspect

An Indian girl was arrested for allegedly killing her parents. The shocking incident happened in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, on December 17, 2020.

The 15-year-old reportedly killed her father, who was a policeman and her mother, as they did not approve of her 22-year-old boyfriend.

Detective Inspector General (DIG) Indore, Hari Narayan Mishra Chari stated:

“The minor daughter of the deceased couple has been arrested along with her 22-year-old boyfriend who has been identified as Dhananjay from Ratlam.”

The police constable and his wife were allegedly murdered, having been stabbed to death.

The double murder was first noticed by the victims’ minor son, who had been staying with his grandparents at an adjoining house at the time of the incident.

His mother was supposed to bring tea for his grandparents at 8 am on December 18, 2020.

When she did not come his grandfather sent him to find out what had happened.

The son entered the home and found his parents lying in a pool of blood. His sister was also missing.

According to police, the family suspected the girl had been kidnapped when they first discovered she was missing.

The minor girl turned out to be the prime suspect after a written note was recovered.

In the note, the accused alleged that her father exploited her, while her mother silently supported him.

No proof was found and the police suspected that it was a ploy to divert the case’s investigation.

Allegedly, the parents had found out about their daughter’s relationship with Dhananjay two days before the incident.

The couple did not approve of the relationship and had stopped speaking to their daughter.

As a result, the minor girl and her 22-year-old boyfriend planned to murder her parents so they could be together.

The murder was allegedly planned out and executed by Dhananjay, whereas the policeman’s daughter was an accomplice to the crime.

The Indian girl was tasked with opening the door, to silently allow her boyfriend entry to the house.

At 4:30 am, the daughter took the family dog for a walk as the two suspected he could alert the neighbours.

Dhananjay allegedly stabbed the sleeping constable and his wife to death.

After the incident, the accused couple allegedly fled.

The daughter switched off her phone and did not contact any of her family.

However, they were tracked down and arrested by Indore police on December 18, 2020.

The police have not yet issued any further statements on the case.

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