Indian Boyfriend and Girl aged 15 held for Killing her Father

A 15-year-old girl and her boyfriend from Bangalore have been arrested and taken into custody for the murder of her father.

Indian Boyfriend and Girl aged 15 held for Killing her Father f

"She then hatched a plot to kill her father."

A businessman from Bangalore was murdered by his 15-year-old daughter and her 18-year-old boyfriend. The two suspects have been arrested.

Jai Kumar Jain, aged 41, was found dead at his home in Rajajinagar. His daughter and her boyfriend Praveen committed the murder and burned his body to make it look like an accident.

Police have said the teenage girl has confessed to killing her father.

It is believed that Mr Jain did not approve of his daughter’s relationship. When he found out about her relationship with Praveen, he allegedly beat her.

The girl became angry with her father and she allegedly came up with a plan to kill him.

Mr Jain’s burnt body was found in the bathroom on August 18, 2019, after his daughter screamed for help. Police and firemen arrived at the scene.

However, officers discovered bloodstains on Mr Jain’s bed and on the bathroom floor. They soon became suspicious.

When the girl was questioned, she kept changing her statement and she later admitted to killing her father.

An investigating officer explained: “Her parents after getting to know their daughter’s closeness with Praveen also found out that the two were roaming together and were also reportedly going to shopping malls.

“They also found out that she was spending way too much time talking on the phone with her alleged boyfriend.

“They are alleged to have beaten and repeatedly advised her. She then hatched a plot to kill her father.”

On August 17, 2019, Mr Jain’s wife and son went to a family function, leaving him alone with his daughter.

The teenager mixed sleeping pills in her father’s milk before he went to bed. She then called her boyfriend and the couple later stabbed her father multiple times at around 2 am.

They attempted to get rid of the body but feared that they would be caught by the police. They then dragged the body to the bathroom and set it alight.

At 9 am, neighbours heard the girl screaming that their house had caught fire.

The fire department and the police were alerted. They arrived and found Mr Jain’s burnt body. The teenage girl was taken to the hospital as she suffered burns.

The officer added: “Police who searched for clues in the house found bloodstains on the bed.

“They also found blood-stained clothes had been washed in the bathroom. Efforts to clean the bloodstains also came to the notice of the police.

“After killing Jain, the two had gone to a petrol bunk and had purchased petrol. Using petrol, they had set the body on fire.”

“Both the accused had sustained burns to their feet while they were pouring petrol on the body.”

The Bangalore Mirror reported that a case was registered against the girl and her boyfriend. Both have been arrested. Police officers are investigating the case further.

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