Man jailed for Sexually Assaulting Autistic Boy aged 17

A 39-year-old man from Birmingham has been handed a prison sentence after he sexually assaulted a vulnerable autistic boy aged 17.

Man jailed for Sexually Assaulting Autistic Boy aged 17

"This was an attack on a very vulnerable teenager"

Mohammed Ali Sammar, aged 39, of Quinton, Birmingham, was jailed for two years and nine months on Tuesday, August 19, 2019, for sexually assaulting a vulnerable autistic boy.

Birmingham Crown Court heard that Sammar had been riding a pushbike with a broken chain when he approached the 17-year-old outside a shop.

He first asked the boy if he wanted to buy the bike. Sammar then asked whether he had a cigarette.

When the teenager handed him one, they went to a park together and sat on a bench to talk.

A short while later, Sammar lured the victim to a quieter area of the park where he sexually assaulted the vulnerable teenager. He then took the boy’s mobile phone and fled the scene.

The victim immediately informed the police about the attack and explained to them that Sammar had discarded a cigarette butt in the park and taken a sip from an energy drink can.

Both items were found in the park. When combined with DNA taken from the teenager’s clothes, Sammar was positively identified as the attacker.

During the early stages of police questioning, Sammar stated that he was desperate to sell his bike. He also claimed he only spoke to friends and people he thought might be interested in buying his pushbike.

Sammar also denied asking for a cigarette and that he had been through the park. He blamed his unclear memory on some medication he had taken recently.

But the prosecution was able to prove from the DNA found on the discarded cigarette and drink can in the park that Sammar was responsible for sexually assaulting the autistic boy.

The evidence against him forced Sammar to plead guilty to sexual activity with a person with a mental disorder impeding choice and theft.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Julia McSorley, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said:

“This was an attack on a very vulnerable teenager, Sammar was well aware the victim did not have the capacity to consent.

“In the end, the case against him was so strong that Sammar had no choice but to admit what he had done.”

“Thankfully this has spared his victim from having to relive the events in court.”

Mohammed Sammar was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison. He was ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register where he will remain on it for life.

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