Indian Couple Marry in Hospital after Bride injures Spine

An Indian couple from Uttar Pradesh got married in a hospital ward after the bride-to-be injured her spine.

Indian Couple Marry in Hospital after Bride injures Spine f

"I have decided to be with her and support her"

An Indian couple in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh got married at a hospital after the bride injured her spine just hours before the ceremony.

The incident took place on December 17, 2020, the bride-to-be fell off the roof of her home and injured her spine.

The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for her injuries.

Instead of pausing the festivities, the groom turned up at the hospital with the wedding party.

The couple was allowed to get married in the hospital ward itself. However, the woman is currently bedridden and has been advised not to move.

Dr Sachin Singh, a doctor at the hospital, stated:

“The woman had accidentally fallen from the roof due to which there was a minor injury in her spine.

“Her legs cannot move as of now.

“Since she was about to get married, we have given her permission to carry out the rituals.

“We have also advised her to avoid locomotion of the legs.

“It is beautiful to see the bride and the groom getting married despite the bride being bedridden.”

The couple was able to undergo wedding festivities in a somewhat muted and careful manner on the day they had planned to.

Awdhesh, the groom, said: “Whatever happened was destiny. I have decided to be with her and support her in times of trouble.”

The bride Aarti, shared: “Initially, I felt a bit apprehensive.

“But, later, my husband told me he will be there for me even if I don’t recover. I felt happy knowing that.”

The heartwarming tale has spread on social media like wildfire.

Many have praised the couple and some even compared the groom with the lead character in Bollywood film Vivah (2006).

The film’s story resembles the Indian couple Awdhesh and Aarti, as the bride in the movie injures herself before her wedding.

One user posted: “That’s what true love should be. Hope, wish and pray for her speedy recovery.”

Whereas, another stated: “That’s so humane of him. Rare quality to see. Hats off to his parents for instilling such values.”

One user stated:

Comparing the groom to Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor’s character in Vivah, Indians on Twitter commented:

“Full on Vivah wala climax in real life. Nevertheless, bohot kam log hote hain aise. God bless this couple.”

(Full on climax of the film Vivah in real life. Nevertheless, there are very few people like this. God bless this couple.)

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