Indian Mother arrested for Killing her 16 Day Old Daughter

Indian mother, Sama Ansari, has been arrested by police in Mumbai as the prime suspect behind the killing of her 16-day-old baby daughter.

Indian Mother arrested for Killing her 16 Day Old Daughter f

"our lead suspect is the mother"

Indian police in Sion, a neighbourhood of Mumbai, have arrested a 25-year-old mother, Sama Ansari, who is charged with killing her newborn daughter who was just 16 days old.

Police say, Sama, told her husband on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, that the baby girl was missing.

Sama told her husband that their daughter had gone missing from the first floor of their home in Sundar Kamla Nagar in Sion. This happened after had gone downstairs to do some domestic work.

Her husband then immediately went to Sion police station and filed a report with officers.

The case was filed as a kidnapping under IPC section 363 was registered, according to police.

Police started an investigation with teams searching the area. Including officers that looked around the parent’s house as well

After a day of searching on Wednesday, by the evening, police located a baby’s body hidden and lying in a gutter on the rear side of the residence of the parents.

The body was identified as the missing baby girl.

The baby was urgently rushed to the local Sion hospital, where, sadly, the newborn child was declared dead on arrival by medics.

During the investigation that followed, police grew suspicious about the mother and they started questioning her. Following the interrogation, Sama was arrested.

Sion police are now treating the case as a murder investigation and are treating Sama, as the prime suspect behind the murder of her baby girl.

The exact reason for the murder is yet to be known.

Early reports say that because the baby was unwell for the last few days, Sama was responsible for the death of her baby, especially, as it was a girl.

With the Ansari household being poor and not financially stable, and due to the worry that her daughter’s treatment would have cost them a fortune, Sama killed her daughter and disposed of her, where it was found.

She then made it look like a kidnapping by informing her husband about the baby being missing from their house.

Police said:

“We are yet to receive the post-mortem report from the hospital, which will ascertain the cause of death. However, our lead suspect is the mother, who may have killed her daughter.”

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