Indian Man murders Beloved Woman in Nanaksar Gurudwara

An Indian man murdered a woman in Nanaksar Gurudwara in Ludhiana. It is believed that the suspect had a love affair with the victim.

Indian Man murders Beloved Woman in Nanaksar Gurudwara f

Singh then took a knife and stabbed Gurjeet to death

An Indian man killed a woman who is believed to be his beloved in Nanaksar Gurudwara, Ludhiana. The suspect has been identified as Kuldeep Singh.

The incident came to light on Saturday, October 5, 2019, after blood was seen coming from under the door of one of the rooms.

It was reported that Singh met with the woman and the two had tea together.

He soon left the room and after discovering that she was dead, police suspected that he used a knife to murder her.

According to the victim’s father and the police, the woman had been in a love affair with Singh.

The victim was identified as 45-year-old Gurjeet Kaur of Moga, Punjab, who had been divorced for a number of years.

Investigating officer Nishan Singh explained that Kuldeep, who was from Moga, had lived in Nanaksar Gurudwara for around eight years.

He stayed in a room situated above the main langar hall, where food is served to visitors of the temple.

Kuldeep would usually set up stalls there in order to provide medicine to those who needed it.

It is believed that Gurjeet had met with the Kuldeep because they were in a relationship together.

Singh took her to one of the rooms upstairs and they drank tea.

Singh then took a knife and stabbed Gurjeet to death before leaving her body there and fleeing the scene.

People, including Gurjeet’s father Baldev Singh, saw blood coming from underneath the room’s door.

They alerted the managers at the temple who then informed the police. Officers, including the DSP of Jagraon, soon arrived at the scene and investigated the room.

They confirmed that Gurjeet had been murdered and called a forensic team. Fingerprints were taken from several places in the room.

The victim’s body was sent to a hospital for a post-mortem to be conducted.

Baldev told police that he was suspicious of his daughter as he believed she had been in a secret relationship.

He decided to follow her to Nanaksar Gurudwara and saw her go into the room with Kuldeep. Baldev suspected that she was murdered by Kuldeep as they were the only two in the room.

Officer Singh stated that a case was registered against Kuldeep Singh based on Baldev’s statement.

Police do not know why he killed his alleged lover but more information on his motive will be revealed once he is arrested.

The investigation continues as officers work to try and arrest Kuldeep who currently remains on the run.

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