Indian Woman commits Suicide after Marrying Sister’s Husband

An Indian woman from Punjab has committed suicide following a serious mental breakdown after she married her late sister’s husband.

Indian Woman commits Suicide after Marrying Sister's Husband f

This notification spiralled Navdeep into serious depression

An incident has emerged from Barnala district in Punjab, India, where a woman who was married her late sister’s husband took steps to end her own life following a major mental breakdown and depression.

The deceased woman, named Navdeep Kaur of Bahadur city, struggled with her illness and died during treatment on October 3, 2019, in a hospital in Patiala.

Navdeep became the bride of Sunny Bhatia, a resident of Bathinda, following an agreement reached between a panchayat and her father, Budharam.

The panchayat agreement was made because Bhatia was previously married to Mehak, nine years ago, Navdeep’s older sister. Over a year ago, Mehak died due to a severe illness.

Bhatia had an eight-year-old son with Mehak.

Therefore, to take care of the boy, Navdeep was told that she will take her sister’s place and get married to Bhatia.

Navdeep had tried her best to fit into the Bhatia family. However, according to Navdeep’s father, she recently returned to his house after there was a big fight at her in-laws’ house.

Since then, Navdeep had been living at her paternal home waiting for Bhatia to come and collect her.

Her father approached the panchayat again and they agreed on August 2, 2019, that Sunny Bhatia must come and collect Navdeep, his wife.

Two months passed by but her husband did not come to take Navdeep back.

However, instead of coming to collect Navdeep, her husband shockingly sent a legal notice of divorce. This notification spiralled Navdeep into a very serious depression and led to a nervous breakdown, eventually leading to her death.

Her demise sparked outrage amongst her relatives and her father. They feel the husband should’ve visited and discussed any problems they had and that the panchayat had agreed for him to come and collect her.

They say Navdeep is the second daughter to have died married into the Bhatia family and the reason for Navdeep dying was due to the behaviour of her in-laws and husband towards her.

Navdeep’s family went to Bahadur police station to file an initial case against the Bhatia family on July 28, 2019. But police did not do much about it, so they then protested in anger regarding the lack of justice.

Police subsequently assured the family of action and that the case will definitely be investigated.

A police case has now been registered against Sunny Bhatia, Om Prakash Bhatia (father-in-law), Sans Guddi Bhatia, Jeth Krishna and Jethani Kanchan, as all being contributors to Navdeep’s reason for committing suicide.

Budharam, Navdeep’s father has vowed that he will seek justice for Navdeep’s death, the second daughter he has lost to this family and he will fight the legal battle against the accused.

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