Rakhi Sawant reveals being Threatened to Marry Ritesh

In a recent interview, ‘Bigg Boss 14’ star Rakhi Sawant claimed she married husband Ritesh due to being threatened and almost kidnapped.

Rakhi Sawant reveals being Threatened to Marry Ritesh f

“In the early days, I did not love Ritesh"

Rakhi Sawant often spoke about her marriage with mystery husband Ritesh during her stint on Bigg Boss 14.

Now, she has called Ritesh a “WhatsApp friend” rather than a husband, saying that she married him because a “goon” was hounding her.

In an interview with radio host Siddharth Kannan, Rakhi Sawant said that she married Ritesh under unusual circumstances.

According to her, a goon threatened her and tried to kidnap her at gunpoint, forcing her to marry Ritesh.

Also, Sawant was reportedly unable to file a police complaint, as the goon was powerful and had connections in the police department.

Saying that she did not marry Ritesh out of love, Sawant said:

“In the early days, I did not love Ritesh, he was only a ‘WhatsApp friend’. But I didn’t know I would fall in love with Ritesh.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Rakhi Sawant said that Ritesh yelled at her after she left the Bigg Boss house.

During her time in the house, Sawant revealed information about Ritesh, including that he was already married.

Sawant also said that, due to Ritesh being a successful businessman, he married privately and not publicly.

Ritesh reportedly questioned her over why she revealed things about him on national television, which caused the actress to admit she was lonely and depressed.

Speaking of the time Ritesh’s sister told her about his previous marriage, she said:

“I spent seven-eight months alone in grief during the coronavirus lockdown. No one knows how I was during this time.

“I was in depression.”

Rakhi Sawant reveals being Threatened to Marry Ritesh - rakhi

Also during the interview, Rakhi Sawant revealed that Ritesh did not support her during her mother’s cancer treatment.

Sawant chose to leave the Bigg Boss house with a payout due to needing the money for her mother’s treatment.

Instead of asking Ritesh for help, other celebrities such as Karan Johar and Salman Khan came forward to aid her financially.

Speaking of this, Sawant said:

“He called me, asking about my mother’s health, but I didn’t take any help from him.”

Sawant finally said that Ritesh is no longer her husband, and she has decided to break things off after learning the truth about his marriage.

Rakhi Sawant says that now, after being betrayed by Ritesh, she turns to God for love.

She said:

“But now that I have been cheated by Ritesh, so I love myself and God.”

She added: “He has unconditional love for me; people can betray you, but not Him.”

Rakhi Sawant has previously opened up about her connection with God.

She recently claimed that she, nor her family, will ever contract Covid-19, as she has holy blood in her body.

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Image courtesy of Rakhi Sawant Instagram

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