Rakhi Sawant reveals Desired Actresses for Biopic?

Rakhi Sawant has spoken about a biopic on herself and she has revealed three actresses who she would like to play her.

Rakhi Sawant reveals Desired Actresses for Biopic? f

"there are two-three actresses who can do justice"

Rakhi Sawant has named three actresses who she would like to play her in a possible biopic.

She caused surprise when she said that Javed Akhtar wanted to make a biopic on her.

Her claims proved to be true when Javed confirmed that he was indeed interested.

Now, Rakhi has opened up about the conversation with the veteran lyricist-writer as well as the actresses she would like to see step into her shoes.

She said: “It was a few years ago, we were travelling together and met on a flight.

“Javed Akhtar sir had told me that he wants to write a biopic on my life, how you struggled and became Rakhi Sawant.

“But then he got busy with his other projects and we did not meet after that.

“Now, I hope gets time and if he has some time in hand hopefully, he will write the story.”

When asked which actress would be suited for the role, Rakhi named three, telling The Times of India:

“I think there are two-three actresses who can do justice to my role.

“The first is Alia Bhatt, I think she is superb. She is bold and badass and she is not scared of anyone.

“I think to play my role someone should have these characteristics.

“I think Priyanka Chopra Jonas can also play my role. Radhika Apte is also good.

“Both Priyanka and Radhika Apte are bold and have the spark to do my role.

“I have gone through a lot of ups and downs but I never let anything affect my reputation.”

“I have crossed many lakshman rekha and I handled everything in my life with grace.”

Rakhi Sawant last appeared on Bigg Boss 14 where she reached the final and left with Rs. 14 Lakh (£13,900).

Following her appearance on the reality show, Rakhi revealed that she received a lot of support from people, something she did not get before.

“I am just crying, I am overwhelmed and I am still not able to believe that I have got so much love again in my life.

“I have always been disregarded by people. People would make fun of me, they would pass comments on me, body shame, face shame me.

“They would make fun of my English and that I can’t speak English.

“Nobody knows how I’ve survived the difficult times.

“I was called ugly looking, fat, motormouth, gutter mouth. I have taken everything with a pinch of salt and forgiven everyone.

“I always focused on my work and finally I’ve got all the love. I am unable to digest this love.

“Everything seems like a dream and when I step out, I get scared if all this love and admiration is true.

“I get nervous ‘ki ab kya comment aayega’… I am confident but I am nervous at the same time.

“The scenario has changed completely. I am still the same Rakhi Sawant but the love I am I am not able to trust.

“I feel it is a dream when kids, women, girls and boys say they like me, love me.”

She went on to say that people have been sending her gifts since leaving Bigg Boss 14.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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