Rakhi Sawant reveals why Adil Durrani spent 6 Months in Jail

Rakhi Sawant revealed the real reason why Adil Durrani spent six months in prison and said it was not because of her.

Rakhi Sawant reveals why Adil Durrani spent 6 Months in Jail f

"he was having sex with other girls, with men too."

Rakhi Sawant has claimed her estranged husband Adil Durrani spent six months in prison but not because of her.

Adil was arrested in February 2023 and detained. He was granted bail in August.

Rakhi held a press conference on August 21, 2023, and made further domestic abuse allegations against Adil.

She also revealed that his prison term was due to a case filed by his Iranian girlfriend.

Rakhi said: “Is everybody not aware that the last few months that he was in jail wasn’t because of Rakhi Sawant?

“His Irani girlfriend filed a rape case against him there. He wasn’t there because of me.”

She said her case against Adil resulted in him spending 22 days in prison before claiming that she caught him having sex with women and men.

Rakhi continued: “For me, he was in jail for 22 days because he beat me up, tortured me.

“I saw in my house he was having sex with other girls, with men too.

“He tried to beat me in Dubai, here too. I was silent.”

Speaking about Adil’s former girlfriend, Rakhi said:

“His girlfriend stayed with him for five years.

“She didn’t know he was married to me. He lied to me and his girlfriend too.

“He told me that she was his friend and told her, ‘I want to go to Bigg Boss for Rakhi, I want to become a star’.”

“He kept assaulting her, who was a student… This man beat me so much.”

During the press conference, Rakhi claimed she introduced Adil to Salman Khan at the 2022 IIFA Awards.

She said that after hugging her, Salman greeted Adil and told him to take care of her.

Adil and Rakhi got married in July 2022, however, their relationship soon deteriorated and Rakhi accused her husband of cheating on her.

She previously said: “Adil says I should not bring up our personal issues in public, but I will not suffer or end up in a fridge by keeping it all private.”

Rakhi has also accused him of assault, stealing money and jewellery as well as forcing her to have sex with him and harassment for dowry.

Meanwhile, Adil has refuted her allegations and has claimed Rakhi and some of her associates “framed him”.

Intending to share his side of the story, Adil said:

“I will share my proper story.

“How Rakhi and some of her known people framed me.

“I will tell everything… I will do a press conference in a few days… how I have to pay the crores or I will be receiving them.”

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