Adil Durrani says Ex-Wife Rakhi Sawant ‘Framed Him’

Adil Durrani has hit back at the allegations Rakhi Sawant made against him and claimed his ex-wife “framed him”.

Adil Durrani says Ex-Wife Rakhi Sawant 'Framed Him' f

"How Rakhi and some of her known people framed me."

Adil Khan Durrani has claimed he was “framed” by Rakhi Sawant and some of her associates.

He also hit back at his ex-wife’s allegations against him.

Intending to share his side of the story, Adil said:

“I will share my proper story.

“How Rakhi and some of her known people framed me.

“I will tell everything… I will do a press conference in a few days… how I have to pay the crores or I will be receiving them.”

Adil and Rakhi got married in July 2022, however, their relationship soon deteriorated and Rakhi accused her husband of cheating on her.

She previously said: “Adil says I should not bring up our personal issues in public, but I will not suffer or end up in a fridge by keeping it all private.”

Rakhi Sawant claimed Adil was having an affair with a woman named Tanu and planned to marry her.

She later accused him of assault, stealing money and jewellery.

Rakhi also claimed Adil forced her to have sex with him as well as harassment for dowry.

Adil was subsequently arrested and detained at Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai.

According to a police official, Rakhi got in touch with Adil in January 2022 and they opened a joint business account.

In June 2022, he allegedly withdrew Rs. 1.5 Crore (£141,000) from the account without her knowledge to buy a car. But she did not object as he promised to marry her.

Adil allegedly assaulted Rakhi on two occasions, prompting her to lodge a non-cognisable offence against him.

The official also said Adil threatened to throw acid at Rakhi or have her killed.

Adil hit back at the allegations, including a claim that Rakhi had suffered a miscarriage.

On what she said, Adil revealed: “It was 6-7 days, drama was going on, Adil and my child fell, we miscarried.”

He then said: “But how can she be pregnant?

“When she was admitted, I was sitting at the hospital with her when she had to get her uterus removed because of age-related issues.

“At that very moment, the police came and arrested me.”

“From the time I called her in the night to I went at her place in the morning, she had filed an FIR overnight.“

On whether he will see Rakhi again, Adil said that unlike her, he will not be speaking about their personal life to the media.

He wants to address his side of the story in a press conference.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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