Why has Rakhi Sawant’s Husband been Arrested?

Adil Khan Durrani has been arrested after his wife Rakhi Sawant filed a police complaint against him. But why has he been detained?

Why has Rakhi Sawant's Husband been Arrested f

"This is not drama. He has ruined my life."

Rakhi Sawant has revealed that her husband Adil Khan Durrani has been arrested after she filed an FIR against him.

Adil was taken to Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai.

Explaining why he has been arrested, Rakhi claimed that while she was on Bigg Boss Marathi, she asked him to look after her sick mother but Adil failed to do so.

Her mother passed away in January 2023 following a battle with cancer.

Rakhi accused Adil of mishandling her funds and said he was responsible for her mother’s death as he did not pay the money on time for her surgery.

On February 7, 2023, Rakhi turned up at the police station to address the matter.

She said: “This is not drama. He has ruined my life. He has beaten me up and stolen my money even as he put his hand on the Quran. He has cheated me.”

Rakhi added that she has submitted evidence.

Rakhi Sawant had previously accused Adil of cheating on her.

She had said: “Through you all, I would like to warn the girl in Adil’s life, who took advantage of the situation, when I was in Bigg Boss Marathi 4.

“I won’t take her name, but when the time is right, I will show all their photos.

“Adil made me remain silent about our marriage for eight months because of his affair with that woman. I was silent till now.

“He denied our marriage, and later because of the media he got scared and accepted our wedding.”

She later identified the alleged lover as Tanu and claimed that Adil has left her to live with Tanu.

Rakhi said: “Adil has finally taken the decision that he will stay with Tanu.

“Yesterday he told me, ‘I’m leaving you and going to Tanu. I will live with her’.”

Rakhi and Adil had been spotted out for dinner with friends.

In a video, Adil was seen feeding a reluctant Rakhi. She commented on the video:

“Yes, he had come to apologise but I will never forgive him.”

Later speaking to the media, Rakhi said:

“I have always fed him at home. Who knows if this will be the last time I feed him. Yes, I have fed him today. Even enemies when they come home, you give them water.

“He’s my husband. I will love him till I die, but no apology. No apology, to forgive is hard.”

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