Rakhi Sawant accuses Husband of Cheating on Her

Rakhi Sawant has accused her husband Adil Khan Durrani of cheating on her. She issued a warning to him and his alleged lover.

Rakhi Sawant accuses Husband of Cheating on Her f

"I am warning you, I will expose you."

In a video, Rakhi Sawant broke down and accused her husband Adil Khan Durrani of cheating on her.

She issued a warning to both Adil and his alleged girlfriend, stating that she will not stay quiet.

Rakhi explained that while she was on Bigg Boss Marathi 4, her marriage suffered when Adil began having an affair.

Without naming the alleged lover, Rakhi claimed the woman is now blackmailing Adil and even threatened her.

Rakhi said the affair was the reason why Adil wanted their marriage to be kept a secret.

Warning the alleged girlfriend, Rakhi said:

“Through you all, I would like to warn the girl in Adil’s life, who took advantage of the situation, when I was in Bigg Boss Marathi 4.

“I won’t take her name, but when the time is right, I will show all their photos.

“Adil made me remain silent about our marriage for eight months because of his affair with that woman. I was silent till now.

“He denied our marriage, and later because of the media he got scared and accepted our wedding.”

Rakhi went on to say that she will not allow Adil to divorce her to be with his alleged lover.

She continued: “A woman is breaking another woman’s home.

“Men are dogs, if you go to them, they will obviously not send you away.

“I am warning you, I will expose you. Don’t think I will remain silent like other girls. If you threaten me, I won’t tolerate it.”


Turning her attention to Adil, she said:

“You (Adil) had said that in Islam all personal issues should be discussed behind closed doors.

“I have done that, but you are not understanding me and my situation. Your girlfriend threatens me. I have a record of it.”

“Adil says I should not bring up our personal issues in public, but I will not suffer or end up in a fridge by keeping it all private.

“I will fight for my rights as a married woman. Adil supports that girl and so she tells me confidently that he will leave me and marry her. That’s why he asked me to hide marriage. I gave him 10 chances.”

Rakhi Sawant added that she is willing to forgive Adil if he ends the affair.

The affair claims come less than a week after Rakhi’s mother passed away due to cancer.

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