Rakhi Sawant files complaint against ‘Controlling’ Ex Ritesh

Rakhi Sawant has filed a police complaint against her ex-husband Ritesh, accusing him of hacking her social media accounts.

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"But he is in revenge mode."

Rakhi Sawant filed a police complaint against her ex-husband Ritesh after her social media accounts and online banking details were allegedly hacked by him.

She and boyfriend Adil Durrani went to Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai to file the complaint.

Rakhi claimed that Ritesh is jealous of Adil and as a result, he is seeking revenge.

Rakhi told police that when they were together, Ritesh was handling her social media accounts.

After their separation, she did not change the password. Due to this, Ritesh still had access to them.

Rakhi said: “I have come to the police station because my ex-husband Ritesh is troubling me a lot.

“He has hacked my Instagram, Facebook, and my Gmail account. He has entered his number and name in all my accounts.

“When we were together, he was handling my social media accounts and after we separated I did not change the passwords.

“I thought we had parted amicably and he would not take any revenge on me.

“But he is in revenge mode. He has clearly told me that he will destroy me.

“Today we all earn money from Instagram accounts and he has hacked that.”

Adil said that they tried to change the passwords and add two-factor authentication but were unsuccessful because Ritesh has added his own ID.

He said: “All the passwords and OTPs are going to him. She can’t access her Google pay or phone pay also.”

Speaking more about how Ritesh has vowed to take revenge against her, Rakhi Sawant added:

“He is writing nasty stuff on my account about Colors TV. They will think I am writing it.

“He wants me to get banned by the channel and ruin my relationship with Salman Khan Bhai.”

“He tells me that last time, you got to enter Bigg Boss because of me, now I will see how you will enter Bigg Boss with Adil. He is using abusive language on Instagram.”

She also said that Ritesh has issued a warning to her.

Rakhi claimed that Ritesh will file 10 cases against her in Bihar just to cause her more trouble.

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