Complaint filed against Rakhi Sawant for Truck Drivers Abuse

Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant has had a complaint filed against her after she made a video, condemning and verbally abusing truck drivers.

Complaint filed against Rakhi Sawant for Truck Drivers Abuse f

"No one will come to save your honour."

Rakhi Sawant is no stranger to controversy and she has hit headlines again after a case was registered against her in a Bathinda court.

The complaint comes after she shared a video, condemning the action of those responsible for the rape and murder of Dr Priyanka Reddy.

The four suspects, who were truck drivers, planned out the horrific assault when the veterinarian stopped in Shamshabad, Telangana.

Rakhi was initially emotional about the incident. However, she soon became enraged, shouting for the suspects to be punished.

But according to the complaint, she verbally abused all truck drivers, claiming that they cannot be trusted.

In the video, Rakhi said: “I am very sad today. The girl was raped and killed in return for seeking help.

“I want to tell the girls of the country that these people are not trustworthy.”

When she shared the video on November 30, 2019, Rakhi went on to say:

“They do not see humanity. Be careful while going in the dark of night. You save your honour yourself. No one will come to save your honour.

“I want to say to the law of this country that these people of Haram. If they cannot be hanged then they should be punished like the Taliban.

“They should be made impotent. So that they should know what it is to rape a girl. They should be punished severely so that everyone’s soul trembles.

“They should know how strict the law of India is.”

She suggested that women should check their vehicles in order to reduce the chance that it breaks down in areas with lorry drivers.

Meanwhile, she continued to abuse the lorry drivers.

The film and TV actress then directed her comments at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and urged his government to take action. She added:

“These rapes will not stop until the law changes. Wake up Modi government.

“I ask for justice for this girl. If our voice is not heard today, nothing will happen.”

While many praised Rakhi for her defiant comments, not everyone was happy.

Truck driver Amandeep Singh registered a complaint in Bathinda, Punjab.

He alleged that Rakhi Sawant wrongfully said that all lorry drivers were untrustworthy based on the assumption that they would commit the same assault as the drivers responsible for Priyanka’s death.

He went on to state that Rakhi’s video caused anger among a lot of truck drivers.

A case was registered against the actress under various sections at Bathinda district court. The case is ongoing.

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