Indian Sex Worker arrested for Duping Truck Drivers

An Indian sex worker in Jalandhar, Punjab, was arrested by police after it was alleged by truck drivers that she was using sexual services to rob them.

Indian Sex Worker arrested for Duping Truck Drivers f

after sex, she herself stole and took the driver's money

An Indian woman who is claimed to be a sex worker in Punjab was arrested by police for duping truck drivers.

On the night of Thursday, July 25, 2019, a ruckus was created just outside the area of Maksuda Mandi in Jalandhar.

Truck drivers gathered and caught the woman, who is said to be married, and presented her to police who were called at the scene of the incident at the mandi.

The woman was arrested by the police after learning what she had been doing with the drivers.

The truck drivers alleged that this woman was as a sex worker and that she scrupulously lured truck drivers at night, offering herself to them and enticing them with sexual services.

However, once drivers took up her offer, and after being with her sexually, her intention was really to rob them.

They said she has been doing this for the past four years along with the help of others in her colluded gang.

The drivers explained that the woman with her three to four accomplices targeted drivers standing outside Maksuda Mandi, where they were parked for the night.

Once she went with a driver into his truck, she would have sex with him but then immediately after she would turn on him.

They said she did one of two things.

Either she gave the signal to her waiting accomplices to come and physically assault the driver and threaten him. After which they took any money the driver had.

Or after sex, she herself stole and took the driver’s money and in some instances even his clothes, and would then disappear.

Her illicit activity came to notice when, four days earlier, she lured a driver called Sukha from Dharamkot.

Offering Sukha sex, she entered his truck. After being with him, she quickly grabbed his wallet and any clothes she could get her hands on in his cabin and eloped.

The wallet contained Rs 12,000 and the theft prompted him to raise the alarm.

The antics of the sex worker even led to Punjab transport companies warning the drivers to avoid parking or staying at Maksuda Mandi, as it was having an impact on the drivers.

Reports of the wallet theft and other incidents were to be registered with the police at Division No. 1.

Regarding the status of the sex worker, Division No. 1 Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI), Baljit Kaur revealed that the woman has been united back with her husband and that a full investigation into the case will be conducted.

If the woman is found guilty of the accused offences then appropriate action shall be taken against her.

During initial police questioning, the woman admitted to roaming around the mandi area at night with the notion of providing sexual services but denied the claims of theft made against her.

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

Image courtesy of Punjabi Kesari

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