Indian Man commits suicide over Pressure for Grand Party

An Indian man from Punjab took his own life after being pressured by his wife and in-laws to hold a grand birthday party for their son.

Indian Man commits suicide over Pressure for Grand Party f

Jyoti took her son and left to move back in with her family.

A police case is underway after an Indian man was pressured by his wife and her family to have a grand birthday party for their son.

The pressure was so much that he tragically took his own life. The incident happened in Pasiana, Punjab.

Police have identified the deceased as 27-year-old Harvinder Singh, who used to work as an interior designer in Punjab.

He married a woman named Jyoti in 2016, however, six months into their marriage, they got into a dispute. As a result, she left him and returned to her maternal home.

For three years, Jyoti lived with her maternal family and even gave birth to her and Harvinder’s son there.

At the beginning of 2020, a panchayat was set up in the village and the marriage was discussed. The panchayat unanimously decided that Jyoti would return to her husband’s home along with their child.

However, on October 18, 2020, the couple argued over their son’s birthday celebrations.

Jyoti and her family pressured Harvinder into throwing a grand party for the child’s birthday which was on October 29.

Harvinder was hesitant to do so but when he expressed his refusal, Jyoti’s mother and brother threatened to take his wife and son away from him.

The Indian man told his in-laws that he would not be able to live if they took his wife and son to live with them.

However, at around 4 pm, Jyoti took her son and left to move back in with her family. Harvinder later found out and took extreme action by hanging himself from the ceiling fan.

His family tried to force their way into the room, however, by the time they managed to enter, their son was dead.

The deceased’s father, Amar Singh, filed a complaint. In it, he said that Jyoti used to harass his son since they got married.

Due to the situations created by his wife, Harvinder was left severely affected.

Amar also said that Jyoti would often leave the house with the child. He explained that the panchayat decided that Jyoti and her son would return to Harvinder’s house on January 15, 2020.

For several days, Jyoti allegedly forced her husband to organise a grand birthday party for their son.

Harvinder could not afford to but when he told his wife, she pressured him to host one anyway and told her family to do the same.

Based on Amar’s complaint, a police case was registered against Jyoti, her mother Kamlesh Rani and her brother Gagandeep Singh.

Both Kamlesh and Gagandeep are residents of Ludhiana.

The three accused were subsequently arrested. ASI Baljit Ram said that they will be presented before the court soon.

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