Indian Girl dumped in Sugarcane Fire for Not Marrying Lover

An Indian girl student was murdered and thrown in a sugarcane field fire after she did not agree to marry a boy who wanted to be with her.

Indian Girl killed in Sugarcane Fire for Not Marrying Lover f

he was forcing her to leave home to be with him

A horrific incident took place in a village near Phillaur in Jalandhar, Punjab, where a young girl was murdered and her body discarded in a sugarcane field fire by a boy and his accomplices because she did not agree to marry him.

The death of the girl came to light after a police patrol decided to investigate after they happened to be passing by the fire. The officers found the dead body of the girl amidst the embers of the fire.

Three of the accused have been arrested by the Nawanshahr police in connection with the crime. A fourth person also part of the group of boys has absconded and police are in search of him.

According to the police, on the night of September 8, 2019, during their patrol, a fire was noticed by them in a sugarcane field near the village Udapad and after the arrived at the scene, a body of a girl was discovered.

An immediate investigation led them to the arrests of the boys accused of murdering the girl, who was a 12th-grade student.

Among the accused, during questioning, one of them confessed that the girl was being pressurised to marry him.

The man identified as ‘Rinku’ said that he had a friendship with the girl and he was forcing her to leave home to be with him.

When she did not agree, he conspired with his friends to abduct her. He revealed that first they kidnapped her from near her house on the night of September 5, 2019, and took her to a hotel in the town of Goraya.

Then, when Rinku realised she was still not going to agree to marry him, he conspired with the rest of his friends to kill her so that no one would know about what took place.

They took the girl to a sugarcane field on Pambra Road near village Udapad and they murdered her with a sharp weapon. Then they doused an area of the sugarcane field with a flammable substance, threw her body inside it and set it on fire, to hide the identity of the body.

SP-D Wazir Singh of the police said, upon discovering the body, an investigation team was formed by registering a case of murder of the unknown girl.

Reports of missing girls were then obtained by all the police stations in neighbouring areas.

This led to a person from a village in Phillaur identifying the deceased girl as his daughter.

He told the police that his daughter went missing from the house on the night of September 5, 2019.

Further investigations then led the police registering a case against three boys from different nearby villages who also studied in the 12th-grade with the girl.

The boys were then detained for questioning, which led to the confession.

SP Wajip Singh from the police said that besides arresting all the three boys, they have also recovered the handbag of the deceased girl. Police discovered five mobile phones from this bag. The phones are likely to provide more important revelations about this murder

The police investigation of the case is continuing to convict the guilty individuals.

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