Indian Financier gets Himself Murdered for Insurance Money

An Indian financier was murdered by two men after he arranged the contract of his own murder. This was after taking out a life insurance policy.

Indian Financier gets Himself Murdered for Insurance Money f

Balbir negotiated a contract for his own murder to take place

In a shocking case, a deeply troubled Indian financier struggling with the financial crisis in Bhilwara, in Rajasthan, gave out a contract killing for his own murder so that his family would get Rs 50 lakh insurance money.

According to police, Balbir Kharol was hugely in debt so he took out Rs 50 lakh life insurance on August 3, 2019, which was due to be active from August 28, 2019.

A premium for the insurance of Rs 5,832 was also deposited by Balbir to make sure a payout would happen.

Then Balbir negotiated a contract for his own murder to take place with two men for the sum of Rs 80,000 to take place on September 2, 2019.

Bhilwara SP Harendra Mahawar from the police said that on September 3, 2019, the body of financier Balbir Kharol was found in the area of Guvaradi. Both his arms and legs were tied up and polythene was tied all around his mouth.

The investigation into the case started after Balbir’s brother Tahrir Kharol registered a case of murder at Mangrol police station.

During the investigation, police traced the two men who were contracted by Balbir to murder him.

Namely, the accused, Rajveer and Sunil Yadav were both arrested by police on Monday, September 9, 2019.

It became apparent that Rajveer was in fact in partnership with the financier and ran a Dhaba with him.

During interrogation, the accused pair admitted to murdering Balbir and taking the Rs 80,000 as payment for the contracted killing.

Rajveer told police that Balbir had given him an advance of Rs 10,000 for the murder.

On August 2, 2019, Rajveer and Sunil Yadav took Balbir to Guvaradi on a motorbike. There the accused tied his Balbir’s feet and then his hands. After this, Balbir asked Rajveer to strangle him with a rope.

After the murder, the accused pair dumped the dead body and discreetly left.

The deep police investigation revealed the astonishing background to the entire case, where due to the huge amount of debt the financier was in, the only way out he could see was to get himself murdered after taking out a major life insurance policy.

It was revealed Balbir lent nearly Rs 20 lakh to people with interest. However, he had not received any of the return payments of the money from the people who borrowed from him. This spiralled into a drastic financial crisis for him.

When he could not find a way to support his family, he got himself insured and planned for his own murder to take place. On the premise, that after his death, his wife and son would get the life insurance money due to them.

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