Karan Deol Bollywood Debut welcomed by SRK and Salman Khan

Sunny Deol has revealed that his son, Karan Deol, will launch a career in Bollywood. Stars such as SRK and Salman Khan have welcomed him into the fold.

Karan Deol Bollywood Debut welcomed by SRK and Salman Khan

"He look as tough and gentle as you. May all good things come his way."

Bollywood has welcomed a new addition into their acting fold – Karan Deol.

The son of acting legend Sunny Deol has begun filming for his debut film. Entitled Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, it appears Sunny himself will help Karan launch his career in the Hindi film industry. The actor will direct the upcoming film.

Following from the reveal, many have now publicly welcomed the debut actor, such as SRK and Salman Khan.

Karan Deol’s Bollywood debut was announced on social media. Sunny posted an image of himself and his son on 21st May 2017. Not only did he unveil Karan’s launch into Bollywood, but Sunny announced the day marked the start of Karan’s filming.

While the actor/director had begun filming some time ago, his son has now joined the crew in Manali.

Posing side-by-side, the image shows Sunny looking at his son, immensely proud of Karan’s debut in Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas.

With over 10,000 likes and many wishing Karan Deol good luck with his debut role, it’s safe to say that Bollywood fans have warmly welcomed him.

And soon, the stars themselves voiced their own well-wishes to the emerging star. Shahrukh Khan publicly welcomed Sunny’s son and added: “He look as tough and gentle as you. May all good things come his way.”

Sunny immediately replied to SRK, saying: “Thank you for the blessing.”

Shortly after Shahrukh Khan’s tweet, Salman Khan also joined in on the welcome. Wishing Karan Deol congratulations, he tweeted:

Even proud grandfather, legend Dharmendra, has expressed his joy of his grandson’s acting debut. He said:

“He has confidence and I want him to fly with his confidence. I wish he gets successful in his career and life.”

Receiving such a positive, warm welcome from big stars in Bollywood, Karan will surely gain high praises with his debut film.

And with Sunny’s brother, Bobby Deol, involved in the project too, Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas promises to become a huge success for the Deol family.

Prior to the announcement, the actor/director had updated fans with the progress of the highly-anticipated film. Sharing snapshots in between filming scenes, it seems the cast are having a great time in Manali.

And now with Karan joining the team, fans will eagerly await future news of the film.

DESIblitz wishes Karan Deol the best of luck with his debut performance!

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Image courtesy of Sunny Deol's Twitter.

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