Indian Father disowns Daughter for Marrying Pakistani Lover

The father of Anju, the married Indian woman who travelled to Pakistan to meet her lover, has disowned her after she married him.

Indian Father disowns Daughter for Marrying Pakistani Lover f

"I pray... to let her die there."

The father of Anju disowned her after she married her Pakistani lover.

Anju, a married woman living in Rajasthan, hit headlines after she travelled to Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to meet a man whom she fell in love with on Facebook.

She told her husband that she was visiting a friend in Jaipur.

Arvind discovered that his wife had gone to Pakistan through media coverage.

Anju said she would be spending a month with Nasrullah and dismissed any notion of marriage.

However, she contradicted her statement and has now married her Pakistani lover, prompting her father to express his disappointment.

Gaya Prasad Thomas slammed his daughter, accusing her of abandoning her husband and their two children.

He also highlighted that she is still married to Arvind.

Gaya said: “The way she ran away leaving her two children and husband behind… she did not even think of her children.

“If she wanted to do this, she should have divorced her husband first. She is no more (alive) for us.”

On whether Anju had converted to Islam, Gaya admitted he does not know.

Gaya continued: “What will happen to her children, her husband?

“Who will take care of her children, a 13-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy?

“She has ruined the future of her children and her husband.

“Who will take care of her kids… We will have to do it.”

He has no plans to appeal to the Indian government to bring her back as he considers Anju dead to him.

Gaya added: “I pray…to let her die there.”

He also revealed that Anju was not on speaking terms with him and only spoke to her mother.

Gaya said:

“I don’t know how she got the passport when she got the visa.”

When asked about the speculation that there could be something more to the incident as his village is close to Tekanpur where a major unit of the Border Security Force (BSF) is stationed, Thomas rejected the suggestion.

He stated: “No one raised any such issue with us.

“Only you (media) are raising this question. My kids have no criminal tendencies. I am ready to have any probe in the matter.”

Meanwhile, a viral video shows Anju having dinner with Nasrullah and his friends.

It is also reported that she has changed her name to Fatima, however, there is no confirmation.

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