Indian Girlfriend threw Acid on Ex-Lover for Marrying Another

An Indian girlfriend from Andhra Pradesh threw acid on her ex-lover after becoming angry that he had married another woman.

Indian Girlfriend threw Acid on Ex-Lover for Marrying Another f

"This is why I poured acid on him."

Police have arrested an Indian girlfriend for allegedly attacking her ex-boyfriend with acid.

The shocking incident happened in the village of Pedda Kottala in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.

The 20-year-old woman threw acid on her ex-lover after she found out that he had married another woman.

It was revealed that the suspect and victim had been in a relationship for more than three years.

Nagendra, who worked at a grocery shop, was attacked with acid by his ex-girlfriend Supriya, an intermediate drop out.

According to the suspect, Nagendra promised to marry her. However, he ended marrying another woman named Laxmi in August 2020. It was reportedly a wedding that was arranged by his parents.

Supriya claimed that Nagendra returned to her and told her that he had been forced to marry Laxmi and did not want to live with her.

According to the Indian girlfriend, she threw acid at his face in a fit of rage.

During questioning, she told police:

“I skipped college for three years for him and he cheated on me. This is why I poured acid on him.”

However, the victim presented a different series of events.

Nagendra explained that he and Supriya had planned to marry but the idea was rejected by their parents on the basis that they were from different castes.

Eventually, they mutually ended their relationship with each other. He later married Laxmi.

The victim also revealed that his ex-girlfriend had taken money from him before they broke up.

But after finding out that he married another woman, an enraged Supriya threw acid at her former boyfriend.

Nandyal Taluk Police Station Circle Inspector Diwakar Reddy explained that the acid attack took place at around 9 pm on September 3, 2020, near her home.

Nagendra suffered burn injuries to his face and was taken to Nandyal Government General Hospital for treatment.

He told police that this was the second time he had been attacked by her.

Despite Supriya’s claims that she threw acid at the victim in a fit of rage, it was revealed that she poured acid on his hand a week before the incident.

Nagendra’s hand was bandaged up which revealed further burn injuries.

Inspector Reddy confirmed that a case has been registered under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. While the accused has been remanded in custody, the investigation is continuing.

Meanwhile, Nagendra remains in hospital recovering.

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