Indian Man killed Son-in-Law with Spear for Marrying Daughter

An Indian man from Madhya Pradesh used a spear to murder his son-in-law. The killing had stemmed from the victim marrying the suspect’s daughter.

Indian Man killed Son-in-Law with Spear for Marrying Daughter f

When her father found out, he was furious.

A 58-year-old Indian man has been arrested for murdering his son-in-law with a spear. The incident happened in the village of Devipura, Madhya Pradesh.

Police identified the suspect as Ganga Ram while the victim was named as Ram Singh, aged 38.

It was revealed that Ganga was not happy that Ram had married his daughter.

Even though they had been married for fifteen years, Ganga’s hatred did not go away and made his feelings known to his son-in-law.

He even resented his daughter for her marriage and made her life unhappy.

Police officers explained that the accused was arrested eight hours after the killing took place on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

The investigation revealed that sometime in 2004, Ganga’s daughter ran away from her home and ended up marrying Ram.

When her father found out, he was furious. The grudge remained throughout the years.

However, in 2014, Draupadi returned to the village with her husband as they had moved into a house near her father’s.

This ended up making the issue worse as Ganga and his son-in-law would get into frequent arguments.

The ongoing feud culminated during the afternoon of October 29, 2019.

Ram used to work as a labourer in the village. When he returned home, he ended up getting into a dispute with his father-in-law.

The heated row eventually led to the Indian man grabbing a spear and stabbing his son-in-law with it, instantly killing him.

Following the murder, Ganga left the house. The victim’s family members discovered his body and registered a police case against Ganga as they knew he was the only person inside the house at the time.

A police team led by Sub-Inspector Shahwaz Khan arrived at the scene and launched an investigation.

Officers searched for his whereabouts and later located him following a tip-off from a witness.

Ganga Ram was found hiding in a forest behind a set of bushes near a temple. The suspect was arrested and taken to the police station.

During questioning, he confessed to murdering his son-in-law. Ganga explained that the reason for the killing was because he married his daughter.

After admitting to the murder, Ganga was remanded in custody.

Sub-Inspector Khan stated that the investigation came to a conclusion within eight hours of the case being registered.

He also said that he was pleased with his team for their quick work in apprehending the suspect.

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