Indian Gangster gets Married inside his Jail

An Indian gangster from Punjab got married inside the prison he was locked up in. It is one of the more unique wedding ceremonies to occur.

Indian Gangster gets Married inside his Jail f

Singh had requested parole to get married

In a first, an Indian gangster got married inside Nabha Central Jail, Punjab, on Wednesday, October 30, 2019.

Mandeep Singh, a man serving life for a double murder, tied the knot with his fiancée in a traditional ceremony.

The wedding was solemnised following orders from the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Even though they repeatedly denied Singh parole, they eventually asked the administrators at the prison to make arrangements for his wedding inside the jail.

Singh was initially supposed to get married to his fiancée Pawandeep Kaur on December 21, 2016. However, the denial of his parole prevented it from happening.

He had been denied parole on the basis of a “critical police report.”

Following the unsuccessful request, Pawandeep took the nuptial vows with his photograph in 2016. She then started living with Singh’s parents as his wife.

Singh had requested parole again so that he could get married in July 2019 but was denied.

After taking into account the circumstances as well as the police report, the High Court bench told the jail administration to make arrangements for the Indian gangster to get married.

They said that they could only get married in the prison’s Gurdwara Sahib.

The court requested that the staff quarters be allocated to the bride and groom’s families for six hours so that all the rituals would be completed at the prison.

Pawandeep arrived at the prison in a red bridal gown with her family. She went inside to marry Singh, who had been released from his cell.

After the wedding, the newly married woman left at around 3 pm.

Harpinder Singh, who performed the marriage rituals, explained that it was the first time that he had solemnised a wedding inside a prison. He said:

“It was a simple wedding, carried out as per Sikh traditions.”

He went on to say that the unique wedding was seen as an attempt for the convict to return to normal life once he is released. Singh has already served ten years in prison.

The Indian gangster’s mother Rachpal Kaur, as well as some of his other relatives, attended the unique wedding. Pawandeep’s mother and brother also went to the wedding.

Nabha Central Jail superintendent Ramandeep Singh Bhangu explained that the staff made a number of arrangements for the wedding.

He also said that the Indian gangster was escorted by security officers as he tied the knot.

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