Indian Wife gets Husband Sent to Jail amid Lockdown

An incident in Bihar occurred which resulted in an Indian wife getting her husband sent to prison amid the ongoing lockdown.

Indian Wife gets Husband Sent to Jail amid Lockdown f

her husband had brutally beaten her during a row.

An Indian wife had her husband imprisoned after reporting him over a domestic incident. The arrest was made amid the ongoing lockdown.

Since the lockdown was implemented in India, there have been increasing reports of domestic violence against women.

While some women have not reported the cases, others have taken action against their spouses and have even had them imprisoned.

This case happened in Bihar’s capital of Patna.

A husband and wife had an argument at their home. It was alleged that the man then assaulted her and threw several household items out of the house.

The incident upset the woman who then decided to call the police. She told officers that her husband had brutally beaten her during a row.

Police arrived at the scene but did not arrest the husband.

Instead, they tried to counsel the couple, explaining that there has been an increase in the number of domestic incidents during the lockdown.

However, officers were left with no choice but to arrest the man, identified as Praveen, when the Indian wife showed them three bottles of liquor.

In Bihar, alcohol has been prohibited since April 1, 2016.

A source said: “While the cops were trying to pacify the aggrieved wife, and counsel the agitated husband, the complainant went to her bedroom and brought three bottles of liquor kept in the almirah (cupboard).

“Once the liquor was recovered, the police had no option other than to arrest the husband, identified as Praveen.”

“The man was put behind bars as consumption of liquor is a cognisable offence in a dry state like Bihar since April 2016.”

It is not just India which is experiencing more domestic violence incidents due to lockdown.

In the UK, campaigners expressed their concern as vulnerable people spend all day with their abuser.

Both survivors and experts claim that the strict government rules to stay home is “likely” to cause a spike in domestic abuse cases.

Nazir Afzal, domestic abuse advisor to the Welsh Government, said that abuse had increased in other parts of the world and that the trend would continue in the UK.

Mr Afzal said:

“It’s as certain as night follows day that if there’s a period where people are confined to the same space, then it creates an opportunity for the abuser to abuse.

“There has been a 20% rise of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland, 32% in Paris and 40% in New South Wales – and they are significant increases and there will be no doubt that there will be a rise in Wales.

“We’ve no official data yet, but anecdotally our care workers are already reporting spikes now.”

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