Indian Wife gets Husband Killed so she could Marry Cousin

An Indian wife plotted to have her husband murdered so that she could marry and live with her 18-year-old cousin.

Indian Wife gets Husband Killed so she could Marry Cousin f

Nasima was having an affair with her 18-year-old cousin.

Police in Bihar have arrested an Indian wife after it was found she arranged to have her husband killed so she could marry her 18-year-old cousin.

The incident happened in the district of Madhubani.

The crime came to light following an investigation into a murder.

On September 15, 2021, a man’s body had been found on the outskirts of Bhairavnath village.

A senior police officer said:

“The body of a man was recovered from the outskirts of the Bhairavnath village in Jhanjharpur block of the district earlier this week on September 15.”

Police later identified the man as Mohammad Mashook. a resident of Bhagwatipur village.

The investigation revealed that Mohammad was married to Nasima Khatoon and they had three children.

Police discovered that Nasima was having an affair with her 18-year-old cousin. As a result, the couple frequently argued.

An officer said: “During the investigation, we learnt that Mashook and his wife, Nasima Khatoon, used to have regular quarrels due to her cousin’s frequent visits to their house.”

This led to officers taking Nasima in for questioning.

She initially denied having an affair with her cousin Mohammad Sonu but later admitted to the extramarital relationship.

Nasima told police that she became attracted to her cousin as her husband used to allegedly physically and mentally abuse her.

The two lovers soon plotted to murder her husband.

The officer continued: “The duo wanted to murder the husband of the woman, so they planned to kill Mashook.

“Sonu, with the help of three other friends, killed Nasima’s husband.”

After arresting the Indian wife and hearing her subsequent confession, officers also arrested her lover and his three friends.

The accomplices were identified as Mohammad Barkat, Md Ujair and Md Ikram.

The victim was lured into having drinks with them. He was then taken to an isolated area where he was stabbed to death.

The officer said: “We have arrested Sonu, Mohammad Barkat, Md Ujair, and Md Ikram.

“Sonu’s friend told the police that first, they called Mashook to have drinks with them.

“After consuming alcohol they took Mashook near Mehant Pool and stabbed him to death.”

According to the police, during the investigation, one of the suspects claimed that Nasima’s mother was also involved in the murder plot.

The five suspects have been remanded in custody.

Police are currently probing the allegations in relation to Nasima’s mother.

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