Indian Wedding ends within One Hour amid Lockdown

In a unique marriage ceremony, an Indian wedding in Punjab came to an end within one hour amid the ongoing lockdown guidelines.

Indian Wedding finishes with One Hour amid Lockdown f

They decided to have a simple ceremony

An Indian wedding went ahead despite the nationwide lockdown, however, adjustments were made.

The wedding took place in the village of Dau, which is near Mohali in Punjab.

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to people taking numerous measures in order to avoid the likelihood of contracting it.

In India, a lockdown has been implemented in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. A curfew has also been implemented to allow citizens to go out for essentials.

The bride and groom were determined for their wedding to go ahead but they also understood the importance of the curfew.

They decided to have a simple ceremony that would still fulfil the important bond of marriage.

A baraat is usually the groom’s procession which travels to the bride’s house. However, this wedding did not arrange for a baraat.

Not only that but no wedding food had been prepared.

Instead, the bride travelled by herself from her home in the Khanna area to the groom’s house. They then went to the Gurdwara Sahib.

At the wedding venue, the Sikh ceremony of Anand Karaj was conducted.

Typically, a whole Indian wedding can last up to three days when taking into account the pre-wedding and post-wedding celebrations.

However, this wedding was completed in just 44 minutes so that it would not breach lockdown rules.

Even the bride bidding farewell to her parents was made simpler. They briefly met with her before sending her to live with the groom and his family.

Arrangements were made during the wedding to ensure protection against the Coronavirus.

The six people who attended the wedding cleaned their hands regularly using sanitiser. The bride and groom also maintained good hand hygiene throughout the ceremony until it was over.

This was not the only wedding to take place during lockdown.

One marriage took place in the town of Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh. It was an improvised ceremony where there were only a few guests and some social distancing. There was also no pundit.

The groom, Chandan, had a baraat procession with just five people and they all kept their distance.

When the procession turned up at the bride’s house, only the bride and her family were there. The neighbours witnessed the procession from their own homes.

The pundit did not turn up due to the lockdown. Instead, an improvised ceremony went ahead.

The Indian wedding was very simple, with hardly any elements.

The bride and groom exchanged garlands and there was some social distancing between the couple.

At the wedding, there were only a few guests. Due to Coronavirus, no friends had been invited. The minimal guests at the wedding then applauded the couple and threw flowers over them.

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