Indian Husband forced Wife to Sleep with Friends

In a horrific incident, an Indian husband forced his wife to sleep with his friends. The case happened in Madhya Pradesh.

Indian Husband forced Wife to Sleep with Friends f

"the husband used to take pornographic photos of her"

An Indian husband has been arrested for subjecting his wife to a horrific ordeal which included forcing her to sleep with his friends.

The shocking incident happened in the city of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

The depraved ordeal tragically led the woman to take her own life.

Police learned that the unnamed man took pornographic videos of his wife and sent them to his friends. He also forced her to have sex with them.

Chief Superintendent of Police Nagendra Singh revealed that the Indian husband started being abusive to his wife after just one year of marriage.

He also said that if the woman refused, her husband would beat her.

CSP Singh said: “Only after a year of marriage, the husband used to take pornographic photos of her and send it to friends and was pressurising her to do wrong things with them.

“When she protested, he used to beat her.”

The ongoing ordeal led the woman to commit suicide.

Police were informed of her suicide and subsequently found out about the abuse she endured.

Police arrived at the scene where they found a suicide note.

The note revealed what her husband was forcing her to do. Police registered a case against the husband and arrested him.

In another horrific case, a man handed over his new wife to his friends to be raped.

The victim told officers that she attended her friend’s son’s birthday party where she met Gurpreet Singh, originally from Haryana. They spoke at the party and exchanged phone numbers.

Singh called her and arranged to meet her. He convinced her into having sex with him by promising to marry her.

It was revealed that he would make false marriage promises in order for her to please him sexually.

Singh and the woman eventually got married at a gurudwara in Amritsar, Punjab.

They later travelled to Manali, Himachal Pradesh, where he had arranged to meet two of his friends.

The man told his new wife that she would have to get to know his friends. She was then raped by Harsh and Manni, who had been drunk at the time.

After the assault, Gurpreet told the victim that he would kill her if she spoke about the incident.

The woman became pregnant, however, Singh’s mother, Sarvjit Kaur gave her medicine which forced a miscarriage.
Singh allegedly raped his wife, causing her to become pregnant. He then told her that she would need an abortion.

The woman refused but Singh threatened her. No longer willing to listen to his demands, the woman went to the police station and filed a complaint.

Based on the woman’s statement, a case was registered under sections 120B, 376 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code against Singh, Manni, Harsh and Kaur.

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