Indian Man blackmails Ex-Girlfriend sending Family Photos

A police case was registered after a 29-year-old Indian man from Maharashtra blackmailed his ex-girlfriend by sending her family photos of her.

Indian Man blackmails Ex-Girlfriend sending Family Photos f

He also threatened to share the pictures on social media.

An Indian man was arrested after he attempted to blackmail his ex-girlfriend by sending private photos of her to her family. The Thane anti-extortion cell arrested the man.

It was reported that he had help from a Pakistani national he met online.

Parmesh Manohar Bhairi, a resident of Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, befriended the Pakistani on Facebook and sent him private photos and videos of his ex-girlfriend.

The accomplice then started calling the 29-year-old woman, threatening her and telling her that he had her private photos and videos.

He told her that he would send the pictures to her family if she did not hand over Rs. 1 Lakh (£1,070). It was heard that the victim received the calls between March 27 and May 4, 2020.

The woman contacted Bhairi, asking him about the photos. He said that they were on a memory card which got lost.

Bhairi claimed he reported it to the police. However, the Pakistani man started sending pictures to her and her brother. He also threatened to share the pictures on social media.

She subsequently filed a police case.

An investigation was launched and police found out that the man threatening her was based in Pakistan. They then took Bhairi in for questioning.

He initially denied any wrongdoing but eventually admitted trying to extort his former girlfriend with the help of the accomplice.

One officer said: “He had got into contact with a Pakistani named Mushraf and forwarded the photos and videos to him, gave her phone number and told him to blackmail his former girlfriend.”

Senior Inspector Rajkumar Kothmire said that the Indian man befriended Mushraf with the sole intention of blackmailing the victim.

He added: “We detained him and checked his WhatsApp call records and realised that he was in touch with a Pakistani and had even shared their photos with him.

“The Pakistani national was now sending her the photos and threatening to put them on social media.”

Bhairi and the victim had been in a relationship for two years. But they split up in early 2020 due to certain issues and stopped talking to each other.

The woman was set to get married and Bhairi saw it as an opportunity to extort money from her and her family.

Following his confession, Bhairi was formally arrested and his mobile phone was seized. He was remanded in custody in Vartak Nagar Police Station.

Meanwhile, police are continuing with the investigation.

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