Father jailed for Shaking Baby Son into Coma

A father has been jailed for shaking his baby son so violently he fell into a coma. The incident took place at a house in Blackburn.

Father jailed for Shaking Baby Son into Coma ft

"This was an isolated case of abuse during a momentary loss of control."

Father-of-one Zeeshan Younis, aged 38, recently of Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, was jailed for six years after he shook his baby so hard he fell into a coma.

The 14-week-old child was left limp after the incident took place at a house in Blackburn when Younis was left to look after him.

The baby was found to have suffered a bleed on the brain as well as widespread haemorrhages in his eyes and an irregular heartbeat.

Younis was found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent at Preston Crown Court in March 2019.

Judge Graham Knowles QC, explained that the child “could have been killed”.

He said: “He was your only child and he was well cared for until February 5, 2016, the second time you had been left alone to look after him.

“The health visitor had called to your home at 11:30 am and all was well, he was asleep.

“But by quarter to two, you had assaulted him. This was an isolated case of abuse during a momentary loss of control. As the jury found, in those moments you acted with intent to do your son grievous bodily harm.”

Younis called the paramedics after shaking his son but never told anyone about how his son ended up in that condition.

When paramedics arrived, the child was in a coma and was pale and floppy. On the way to the hospital, the child developed a “fixed stare” and became rigid.

The baby underwent emergency treatment and an investigation was launched which led to Younis being arrested.

Several doctors pointed out that the baby’s injuries were consistent with an episode of abuse, either by minor head trauma or shaking.

Judge Knowles QC added:

“In my view, with all the evidence, what you did was shake your son.”

“What you did to your son could have killed him or could have led to grave brain damage with appalling consequences for his life. Mercifully, that is not the outcome.

“The Crown opened the trial to the jury by telling them all he had made a good recovery.”

The child was adopted and social workers have described him as a “happy healthy child who is meeting all his milestones”.

However, doctors added that there is a small chance that difficulties could develop throughout his life as a result of the assault.

James Hayworth, defending Younis, said:

“This was an isolated incident in the life of an otherwise well-cared for baby.

“The reality is that this defendant will forgo his relationship with his son, this may be the greatest punishment.”

Judge Knowles said:

“One day the child will have to learn what was done to him by his own father and that his own father denies it.”

After appearing at Sessions House, Younis was sentenced to six years in prison.

It was also reported by the Lancashire Telegraph that Younis was a Pakistani national who has illegal immigrant status after his UK visa expired.

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