Pari Hashmi reveals Secret to losing 8kg in 1 Month

In a recent episode of Good Morning Pakistan, Pari Hashmi shared the changes she made in her diet to help her lose weight.

Pari Hashmi reveals secret to losing 8kg in 1 month - f

“I lost 8kgs in 1 month easily.”

Pakistani actress and model Pari Hashmi recently made an appearance on Good Morning Pakistan in which she revealed the secret to her weight loss.

A recent episode of the popular daytime show Good Morning Pakistan saw Nia Yasir host a special show regarding weight loss and diet plans.

While revealing her weight loss secrets, Pari Hashmi revealed that she lost 8kgs in a month.

Pari added: “I gained a lot of weight after I delivered my first baby. I was 78kgs and now I’ve reduced 10kgs.

“I made a lot of changes in my daily routine which helped me reduce weight.

“I planned a C9 detox which gave me a kick start and I lost 5 to 8kgs within 10 days which gave me motivation.

“The most important thing is that you should not eat before sleeping, you should have your meal at least 3 to 4 hours before going to bed.”

Pari Hashmi also revealed the changes she made to her diet.

The actress said: “I stopped using these four things in my daily life; salt, rice, flour, and sugar. I take a boiled egg for breakfast without salt.

“I make sure to give a gap of half an hour after every meal. I do drink green tea after every meal but after 40 to 45 minutes.

“You should not take any liquid right after any meal. I also use black coffee, it helps to reduce weight quickly.

“Whenever I’m hungry I eat vegetables and fruits only, it gives me energy as well.

“I just use brown flour whenever I have to eat a chapati.”

Pari Hashmi took to Instagram to share a picture of her weight loss transformation.

In the caption, she wrote: “I lost 8kgs in 1 month easily.”

Pari went on to praise Good Morning Pakistan and wrote:

“A must watch show for weight loss and healthy lifestyle.”

Pari Hashmi was joined on the special episode alongside nutritionist and wellness coach Dr Hina Anis.

Dr Anis shared her special remedy to lose weight with the help of a soup.

The nutritionist said: “I’ll share a recipe of a soup which will help you reduce 8 to 10kgs weight within a month.

“It’s very easy to make and all the ingredients are easily available in the market.

“The people who have high uric acid should use ginger instead of tomatoes and spinach.

“People who have normal uric acid can use either spinach or tomatoes in their soup, it’s their own choice.

“You have to boil the soup for just 2 mins. It’s guaranteed that you will lose weight within a month as this soup helps to detox your body”

From an early age, Pari Hashmi was involved in stage performances which eventually led to her career in the television industry at the age of 17.

She is best known for her roles in the films Daam and Pul Sirat.

Watch ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ here


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