7 Top Apps to Improve your Sexual Health

Sexual health is important for many reasons including how to prevent STIs. DESIblitz presents the sexual health apps worth downloading.

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Sexual health is not just about sex.

Looking after your sexual health is no laughing matter and it has never been easier thanks to specifically designed apps that can point you in the right direction.

Sexual health is not solely the responsibility of your doctor and you shouldn’t let it become that.

It is ultimately up to us to learn as much as we can about our bodies so that we can confidently take care of ourselves.

While you wait for an appointment to visit a healthcare professional, sexual health apps can give you a head start in diagnosing what may be wrong and how to prevent an issue from reoccurring.

It is also worth remembering that looking after your sexual health is normal and nothing to feel embarrassed about.

A browse through a sexual health app may be exactly what you need in place of a TikTok scrolling binge.

If you’re looking for apps to help you improve your sexual health, here are seven worth downloading.


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Coral is a sexual health app that uses a science-backed methodology to help couples and individuals deepen their connection.

The Coral app offers a variety of services that are available to users.

Firstly, users can enjoy guided exercises for solo and partnered connections.

The sexual health app uses science-based lessons to increase your confidence and reduce anxiety in the bedroom.

As well as the educational aspect of the app, Coral is also a platform where users have the chance to share stories, connect with sexual health experts and chat privately with their partners.

Coral’s contributing experts include Dr Ian Kerner LMFT, Dr Lori Brotto, Zoë Kors, Dr Holly Richmond and many other sex therapists and best-selling authors.

The sexual health app’s ambition is to “make Coral an accessible and welcoming place for everyone”.


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Clue is one of the most popular sexual health apps used to track menstruation and the ovulation cycle.

The Clue app allows users to receive period and PMS predictions ahead of the first day of their cycle.

Users can also access analysis reports thanks to a clear calendar overview.

Alongside the personalised recommendations curated from the data users add to the app, Clue also includes accessible articles in which users can learn more about cramps.

The sexual health app allows users to learn about their patterns with the help of 30+ tracking options including birth control, sex, pain, cervical fluid and more.

According to Clue, 12 million people use the app to access in-depth information about the menstrual cycle including tips, easy-to-follow remedies and educational content.


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To take the first step on your journey to sexual wellness, consider downloading the Rosy app.

The Rosy app offers a variety of services to users including videos, classes, short stories and boasts a safe space for women to share their experiences.

This sexual health app also offers users an opportunity to connect with sex coaches in a group or personal setting to kickstart their journey towards a more fulfilling sex life.

To begin using the app, you have to answer some personal questions about your libido.

You will then receive a score that you will aim to improve after utilising the services available on the Rosy app.

The sexual health app requests users to retake the quiz every month.

Lyndsey Harper, MD, the founder and CEO of Rosy, says:

“Low libido is like fitness, it might take a little bit of work, but it’s worth it.”

Natural Cycles

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Whilst the onus of protection shouldn’t belong to one person specifically, always assume no one else has any form.

The Natural Cycles app is an FDA-regulated medical device that can be used to access information about natural birth control methods and why going pill-free may be right for you.

Many women are ditching the pill in place of a hormone-free IUD.

Users of the Natural Cycles app have to manually record their temperature every morning at the same time.

Whilst this could be perceived as a risky form of birth control, the sexual health app was found to have a typical use effectiveness rate of 93%, which is in line with hormonal birth control pills.

Therefore, the Natural Cycles app is far more effective than traditional fertility tracking methods.

As well as calculating your daily fertility status, the app also allows users to track PMS and pain, understand your cycle and adapt your fertility journey e.g. if you’re trying to conceive.


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The Ferly app is the one-stop-shop for all things sex-related.

With the help of Ferly, you can become more aware of your body and discover what works for you.

The sexual health app provides expert-guided audio programs that cover a variety of topics including how to build your sexual self-confidence and explore what pleasure means to you.

When you download Ferly, you’ll have access to podcasts, interviews with sexual health experts, sensual stories, journaling prompts and access to the Ferly community where users can join discussion groups and events.

Whilst the sexual health app can be used by anyone, the app is particularly targeted towards those who are experiencing sexual difficulties.

The audio app aims to redefine the meaning of sex education while also helping assault survivors regain their sexual confidence.


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Like the Ferly app, Emjoy is also an audio-based sexual health app that provides users with access to over 300 audio sessions and erotic stories for all types of women.

Emjoy is a must-have app if you’re looking to explore a wide range of wellness audio guides that will elevate your routine.

The app also curates a personal journey for users based on their goals which allow users to track their progress.

Alongside audio sessions, the app also contains articles that cover a variety of topics including sex toys, menstruation, domestic abuse and endometriosis.

The simple and easy-to-use interface of the app has made Emjoy one of the most popular sexual health apps boasting over 200,000 users.


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The sexual health app Flo gives you precise period and ovulation predictions by tracking over 70 body signals including cramps, discharge, headaches and more.

With the help of the Flo app, you can understand your unique symptoms, identify your cycle patterns and know if what you experience is normal.

Flo also allows you to join the app’s community of users where you can discuss intimate topics, ask questions and get support from others.

The sexual health app is not purely limited to those who want to track their cycle – users can also plan and follow their pregnancy.

Flo makes it simple to identify your peak fertile days and get daily expert content that can help you better manage your pregnancy.

Sexual health can have a monumental impact on your physical and mental wellbeing if not taken seriously.

It is also important to remember that sexual health is not just about sex and doesn’t solely apply to those who actively engage in sexual activities.

Depending on what sexual health app you download or how you use it, you can use it to learn more about your body, become more familiar with your cycle and reduce your risk of unintentional pregnancy.

Neglecting your sexual health because you never learned how to could result in serious repercussions.

Therefore, a sexual health app can be a great tool for you to download on your phone.

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