How ASMR Sex can Make You Feel Amazing

ASMR videos are no longer just the go-to method to help you fall asleep. ASMR sex is the latest trend to take over the internet.

How ASMR Sex can Make You Feel Amazing

Some refer to it as a ‘brain orgasm’.

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos are all the rage right now.

ASMR is often described as a relaxing, tingling sensation that certain sounds can produce in some people.

Whilst everyday sounds such as chewing and whispering can trigger a relaxing response for some, many ASMR fans are now using it for a pleasurable experience in the bedroom.

From the sound and visuals of people eating, scratching and even snoring, there is an ASMR video waiting to be watched for every niche.

The latest trend that has emerged from YouTube, where the ASMR listening community is dominant, is ASMR sex.

While ASMR is not considered sexual, the relaxation and stimulation associated with it can lead to a heightened sense of intimacy and pleasure during sex.

Some refer to it as a ‘brain orgasm’.

It can help you bond with your partner and be a way to enhance your sex life.

ASMR sex is simple to incorporate into your routine as it does not involve any new moves or specific positions.

As ASMR is largely audible, it relies on identifying a trigger that turns you and your partner on.

These triggers could be anything from sounds such as a gentle whisper to someone delicately running their fingers down your arm.

Sounds such as heavy breathing, listening to the sounds of buttons opening, lightly scratching your skin and whispering can all heighten the experience.

Many ASMR fans also find that the sound of water can be a relaxing experience.

As ASMR has no specific guidelines as to which sounds can be explored, the possibilities are endless.

ASMR sex is on the rise as it is a simple gateway to increasing arousal.

Whilst YouTube is the go-to platform for ASMR erotica, many are also turning to popular streaming services such as Spotify to explore the trend.

Many individuals may not realise that it is already a part of their sex routine – from pillow talk to foreplay, sounds can be a huge trigger.

To some, the thought of ASMR sex may sound strange but the reason why people feel aroused with ASMR is relatively simple.

As ASMR is a relaxing and calming sensation, it increases the feeling of social connection and slows the heart rate.

Couples are more likely to engage in new intimate activities including ASMR if there is a sense of trust and safety shared between partners.

For people who are looking to explore and incorporate ASMR into the bedroom, it is important to talk to your partner about what works for both of you.

Communication with your partner is vital to ensure your intentions and desires are clear and limits have been implemented.

The most important thing is to keep an open mind and establish a line of communication with your partner to ensure the needs of all involved are met.

Watch this ASMR Video to Incorporate into the Bedroom


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