Indian Obsession with Erotica and Sex Stories

Indian sex stories and erotica are in huge demand online. We find out about their popularity and what genres are read most.

Indian Obsession with Erotica and Sex Stories - f

"reading these stories do reflect the reality of such encounters"

A quick search for ‘Indian erotic stories’, ‘Indian sex stories’ or ‘Indian erotica’ will return a plethora of forums and websites dedicated to such content.

This highlights a particular obsession in Indian society with erotic stories which unveil the sexual escapades of individuals, married couples, or those in specific relationships.

Many of these stories are creative and imaginative tales conjured up with sexual fantasies and desires, especially, of Indian men.

Then there are stories which are quoted as true events taking place with the characters involved in the sexual narrative.

There are many different categories of erotica and sex stories that are found to be most searched by Indian men and women, looking for this kind of content to read online.

Adultery and infidelity are popular and so are stories of wife swapping and even tales of multiple men with one woman and so forth.

Disturbingly, rape and incest also exist as genres read by these audiences. Incest stories that describe sexual relationships within the family and stories of forced sex, do have a readership.

Most would say these are merely fantasies and stories written by those who fantasise about such sexual ventures.

In some cases, they are not entirely fiction but stories presented in a non-fiction way. For example, husbands writing stories about their wives which creates a distinct type of literal voyeurism.

Many readers of this material have said that these stories are very relatable to an Indian lifestyle, which often is not understood outside of India.

The sex stories are available on sites both in English and Hindi, making them much more accessible to local readers.

We take a look at some of the popular genres of Indian sex stories and their obsession.

Wives Tales 

Indian Obsession with Erotica - wives

One of the most popular categories amongst many India erotica readers is that of stories related to other men’s wives and adultery. Especially, amongst Indian men.

They love to read about the sexual escapades of either about the husband having sexual fun with her or the wife having sexual adventures with other men and not the husband.

This can be even with the husband narrating the story about his wife being encouraged by him to engage in sex with his friends, work colleagues or business associates.

Many narratives are from the wife’s perspective where she tells the reader of what she gets up to behind her husband’s back as a ‘cheating wife’.

Some are set in rural areas where the wives indulge in different types of sexual activity, such as with servants, the milk delivery guy and even the postman.

These sexual stories about adultery vary depending on the demand for the type of stories wanted. They appear on many forums known for this kind of content. Many are written on a regular basis.

One example passage of an Indian wife story reads* as follows:

I loved my husband and this is fact that I had only given myself to my husband but as I got older I sometimes wondered what another man would be like. I had no thoughts of finding out but it was interesting to think about it.

Another story by a husband reads:

As our love matured and we became more comfortable with each other, our sex life became more and more adventurous. Both of us were virgins before we got married. By the end of the first year of our marriage, we were done experimenting with a lot of different positions for sex and had started discussing each other’s wild fantasies. Initially, we only exchanged our tame fantasies but as time passed we moved on to our raunchier ones.

Akshay, a 25-year-old engineer from Delhi, says:

“A lot of these stories are a turn on because they expose the adulterous, mischievous and cheating side of women who are married.”

Deepak, a 23-year-old musician from Mumbai, says:

“I love these stories for their daring side and how couples reveal their sex life adventures openly and graphically.”


Indian Obsession with Erotica - cuckold

The term Cuckold commonly refers to men who want their wives to have sex with other men. So, that they can get a return in sexual thrills by either watching or knowing it is happening.

It also refers to men being turned into ‘cuckolds’ by their wives who openly have sex with other men with them fully aware.

This subject is growing in the world of Indian sex stories. Many Indian men recall how their wives have turned them into ‘cucks’.

Stories are laced with narratives of how it makes the men feel and how the wives are alluring them to watch and participate in ‘cuckold’ activities.

One example passage of an Indian cuckold story reads* as follows:

We are a happy couple although our sex life isn’t that great. Although Meena has never complained to me, sometimes I can’t satisfy her. And it was this inferiority complex that first seeded cuckold fantasies in my mind.

Another tale reads:

Madhu chose her lovers for the evening. Some distance from the house there is a small village. The young men come out in the mornings and evenings and, living so close to the sea, many are adept swimmers.

Amir, a 31-year-old engineer from Delhi, says:

“Cuckold stories are fascinating because it’s like you are a fly on the wall in the story of a man telling you how their wife is being satisfied by another man.”

Deepika, a fashion designer from Lucknow, aged 33 says:

“Not all marriages relationships are happy in the sex department. So, these cuckold stories allow such relationships to promote a new kind of survival. Where the men are happy and so are the women!”

Indian Aunties

Indian Obsession with Erotica - aunties

Indian aunties’ obsession amongst Indian people has been for ages, especially South Indian aunties.

Many Indian men have admitted that they like aunties more than they like girls. For most, it’s to do with their maturity and experience compared to younger women.

A lot of the Indian sex stories are about young men having escapades with these older women. Sometimes married and even friends of the family. While others may have a narrative about a maid who is an aunty in the household.

The stories frequently describe the loss of virginity or the first time for a younger man with this older woman, the aunty, and also her enjoyment from the sexual encounter.

One example passage of an Aunty story reads* as follows:

She looked at Vinod again with renewed interest, her pulse quickening slightly, feeling a rush of excitement, a knot in her belly. Yes, sexy, most definitely sexy. She wondered if he had any sexual experience.

Another descriptive story reads as:

She was insatiable yet restrained in her voluptuousness. She was raw in her sensuality but she carried it with impeccable social skills. She was never dressed in anything but a saree but she wore it so that the effect on the men around was electric.

Sanjay, a 29-year-old medic from Chandigarh, says:

“Still being single, I find that girls do not talk to me as much as aunties do.”

“Why? Because girls do not have the experience and aunties do”.

Many men also prefer reading about the voluptuousness of the aunties compared to girls because they believe that they are less conscious of their bodies. They do not fret over their waistlines, tummies and cleavage.

Shazid, aged 24, from Delhi says:

“I myself became friends with a 35-year-old divorced woman, which later lead to sex.

“She needed change and I needed fun and that’s how we met up at her house several times. So, reading these stories do reflect the reality of such encounters.”

Savita Bhabhi


Indian Obsession with Erotica and Sex Stories - savita bhabhi

Following on from the Aunty culture in these narratives, there is the one related to the other woman relationship in the family, the ‘Bhabhi’ (sister-in-law).

There are many stories with the titles of ‘bhabhi’ in them, which are often fantasies or stories of the sexual adventures with the ‘sister-in-law’.

One, in particular, is the character of Savita Bhabi. Often portrayed as a married woman character in Indian adult comics and stories.

Savita Bhabhi is an imaginary and fantasised character, who has become very famous and popular amongst most Indians.

She is a woman who is voluptuous, curvy, kinky and open to realising sexual fantasies with her partners.

Savita Bhabhi is what best describes the obsession of Indian men and their ultimate sexual desire of being with such a woman.

Indian men have always fantasised about what they can’t have and Savita Bhabhi fits that persona perfectly.

Her attire is always very Indian, a sexy sari which also has sexy lingerie underneath it. 

Most men love Savita Bhabhi for her willingness to please. She will be bold, forward, she will talk dirty and she knows actually what to do in bed.

She’s not real, but she’s unreal.

Not only men but also women readers are believed to know about Savita Bhabhi as well.

Chetan, a 22-year-old student from Delhi, says:

“Savita Bhabhi comics are awesome. The stories and drawings make them a great erotic read!”

Akshay, a 27-year-old office worker from Chennai, says:

“I think Savita Bhabhi is a woman that is every Indian guy’s dream woman!”

LGBT Adventures

Indian Obsession with Erotica and Sex Stories - LGBT


The world’s most popular genre of erotic sex stories is girl-on-girl. It is also popular in India, it is a popular category for erotic stories too.

Many studies reveal that this genre is read mostly by heterosexual men.

The idea that men like it when two women make out or have sex is so commonplace that’s it is a culture benchmark.

First of all, lesbian porn does not rank as highly among male sexual interests as do, “breasts, butts, MILFs, amateurs,” and even women with penises, according to the research of Ogi Ogas.

But surprisingly, Indian men do have a deep interest in such stories which indicates their curiosity and desire towards female erotica. 

One example passage of a lesbian story reads* as:

“What a big one you have, and what an odd colour!” Riya laughed. Secretly, she was fighting an urge to touch Payal, finding her unaccountably attractive. “What’s going on with me?” she thought. Eventually, the bottle was opened and the bubbly was poured. They clinked glasses, smiled at each other, and toasted.

Another story reads:

The moment I took it in my hand, sex-laden clouds floated across my mind. Should I or should I not entice Savita? The answer was a resounding “No”, or perhaps “Maybe”. I switched the vibe on. A soft, gentle whirring sound emitted from it. Sound which I related to sexual satisfaction, leading to gathering more clouds in my mind, more so as I had led a celibate life for the last three to four months.

Bal, a 23-year-old tech student from Mumbai, says:

“Lesbian erotica has a very specific appeal. It allows you to venture into the peephole of two or more women being naughty and sexual free with each other. I find it very stimulating.”

Ashok, a politics graduate from Tamil Nadu, says:

“I like reading LGBT literature as it allows me to develop a better understanding of different orientations. The lesbian stories are a fascinating read, especially with Indian themes.”

Gay Male

While lesbian stories are popular in India, male gay stories also have their readership. The taboo associated with Indian gay male adventures has created a demand.

With Indian laws improving on homosexuality, erotic stories are a way of exploring the sexual desires for this community.

Many sites and forums have dedicated sections to gay male stories. Although, they are not as populated as many of the other categories.

One example passage of a male gay story reads* as:

I am going to tell you about my first gay experience. It all started 6 years back from now. At that time I was in my 15 class of commerce. 

Kalpesh, a fitness trainer from Mumbai, says:

“Being gay, I find the erotic stories both stimulating and imaginative.

“The fact they connect with Indian lifestyle makes them special to me.”

However, it does not do the same for many Indian women when it comes to reading male gay erotica.

Meena, a 21-year-old BBA graduate from Delhi, says:

“I have watched a couple of gay porn films and also came across several stories about man-on-man, which did not arouse me but blew away my spark.” 

Transgender and Shemales

Often referred to as shemales in the stories, transgender women are the central subject of the tales.

Also called, ‘ladyboys’, a term quite famous in Asian countries; many of the stories involve them too.

The Indian sex stories tend to engage encounters of sexual acts with transgender women or a shemale having sex with men.

Many Indian men confess that they do not love shemales for their penises but what they find alluring are their seductiveness and attractiveness. They say that shemales outrun women in several qualities.

Indian men find shemales passionate and believe that they are more persistent in having sex.

One example passage of a shemale story reads* as:

For the first time, I was feeling like a girl being handled by a man. I was in a stunned state that I was just sitting like an idol. She understood my confused state and told me everything is cool and then took my hands and placed them on her waist and hugged me like there was no tomorrow.

Another story reads:

Anyone would mistake her for a lady. There were no bounds to my happiness. As soon as I sat she hugged me and told me not to be nervous and she will take good care of me. 

Some of these stories may be true while others not but their vivid imagination does grab the attention of readers.

Sanjay, a 35-year-old banker from Panaji, says:

“I am only attracted to a transgender or women with a penis because I am curious.”

Tanveer, a telecom engineer from Kochi, aged 26, says:

“Shemale erotica is something I enjoy reading and has made opened me up to a new world of undiscovered sexual pleasure.”


Indian Obsession with Erotica and Sex Stories - BDSM

Ever since the day E. L. James sat down to create Fifty Shades of Grey, the idea of servitude and BDSM has become more mainstream.

BDSM, otherwise known as ‘bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism’ can be described as a form of sexual expression involving punishment caused by physical pain, psychological humiliation or loss of physical freedom.

It is a practice of sexual expression which has been active well before Fifty Shades of Grey but has now found its way into Indian erotica and widely read sex stories.

Earlier BDSM was considered to have much more be ruthless and dominating characteristics carried out by heartless sadists but nowadays it is practised by couples willing to experiment with it.

It is being more and more considered a way of showing love, compassion and trust towards your partner with sexual preferences not explored before.

An example passage of an Indian BDSM story reads* as:

Rita understood that this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to enslave Sonny and she could easily wear him around her fingers for a lifetime and use Sonny’s services for her daughter.

Another story reads:

My ex-wife Madhuri and I played bondage games and she enjoyed it even more than I did. Being restrained was her favourite part.

Tina, a 25-year-old Makeup artist from Agra, says:

“Reading Indian BDSM stories has definitely made me much more curious to try some submissive behaviour with my boyfriend, who loves taking control.”

Deepak, a 35-year-old programmer from Kolkata, says:

“I’m into pain so the erotic BDSM stories with Indian themes are very enjoyable.”

Incest and Rape

Indian Obsession with Erotica and Sex Stories - rpe incest

As alarming or disturbing these genres are in India erotica, they are popular.

Most people claim that they do not have incestuous thoughts but they do get turned on reading incest stories.

Intimacy between family relations is very taboo in contemporary Indian culture, however, these stories seem to connect with readers.

There’s something about stimuli for such a highly taboo topic simultaneously being so commonplace that may resonate with some people.

Most of the Indian erotica forums and websites will feature sections for stories of rape and incest.

Some Indian women even say they get more aroused by reading such taboo content compared to men.


If you like an idea does not mean that you actually want it and hence, incest is quite popular amongst Indians.

In addition, for Indian adolescents, it is sometimes seen as a time and way of sexual experimentation.

The stories of Indian incest are commonly expressed in the brother and sister scenario. But other relationships are depicted as well.

An example passage of an Indian incest story reads* as:

Dev brings his mouth near her like the most obedient boy in the world. Madhuri kisses him wetly, taking his face between her palms, holding him like a baby. “Here, in our private world, nothing is forbidden.”

Priya, a student aged 22 from Delhi, says:

“A lot of these stories do sometimes remind you of some of the things that happened with friends and family when we were young.”

Arjun, a 32-year-old tech student from Kolkata, says:

“Incest is something that is forbidden in India, hence, the huge interest in such stories.”


Might sound weird, but yes many people do like to read about the sexual abuse of Indian women.

Rape in India is an epidemic which needs serious attention with Indian men sexually assaulting women nearly every day. Many feel proper sex education is needed to correct the negative outlook towards women.

However, the activity of rape in India has some kind of irresistible pull of the ugly which postulates that reading about rape inspires a strain of odd thinking that if we experience it vicariously we are inoculated from it happening to us.

Some stories are told by men of how their women are or have been raped by strangers.

It is not just men, but Indian women too, show a keen interest in rape stories because they feel that they can somehow connect to the victim.

Some Indian women say they read rape stories as it is a way of fuelling their deep-rooted fantasy of such objectification acts.

An example passage of an Indian rape story reads* as:

She was looking at me as if to tell me to do something to stop this ordeal. There was something else that I saw in her eyes, it was the fear of what was about to happen. 

Devi, an interior designer aged 26 from Lucknow, says:

“There are Indian women I know who have a ‘hidden’ interest in rape. So, these stories are popular with them.”

Nilesh, a 27-year-0ld call-centre operator from Delhi, says:

“If you are reading stories about it, it does not mean you are going to go and do such a wrong thing.”

There are other categories of Indian erotica such as virgin, office and teachers, group sex, maid and servant, and many others. They all have Indian sex stories for readers to suit their fetish or niche of interest.

Many Indian people like to read something which takes them into a fantasy world, something they can most likely never experience for real. Indian sex stories and erotica give them just that.

Indian people are known to be very conscious of their everyday surroundings, which means they always want to gratify themselves with something more extraordinary and fascinating.

Some Indians are fanatical about writing sexual stories that involve sex they may never experience such as oral and anal sex. One writer from Delhi, who wrote such a story says:

“I re-read my own story whenever my boyfriend can’t see me. It has helped me with my own sexual desires. I have no regrets in posting my own sex story as my name is anonymous.

“I feel happy when people can connect to my story and gives them great pleasure.”

Many of these writers believe that writing erotic Indian sex stories is not all about sex. They believe that a good solid story with context is needed if one wants to hold the reader’s interest.

Some writers write these stories because they fantasise about them or something has happened to them in the past. Others write the stories even as a job and get renumerated for them.

Whichever way the Indian sex stories are produced, there is no doubt that the demand and obsession for them are huge, and in fact, growing, to fulfil the ever expanding erotic fantasies of Indian readers and beyond.

Aashna is an MSc Journalism student, studying at Leeds Beckett University. She loves to write about food, travel, entertainment, of course, happiness. Her motto is "Believe in yourself when nobody else does."

* Names are changed for anonymity