7 Fitness & Diet Secrets of Bollywood Stars

Some Bollywood celebrities are big on their fitness and healthy eating. Here are the fitness and diet secrets of seven Bollywood stars.

7 Fitness & Diet Secrets of Bollywood Stars - f

Akshay's main fitness secret is engaging in sports

Away from filming, many Bollywood stars are in the gym working on their fitness.

A lot of Bollywood celebrities go through rigorous workout regimes and combine them with strict diet plans, yet they make it look effortless.

The result is muscular physiques and sculpted abs.

These stars have contrasting methods when it comes to maintaining their fitness. While some opt for working out in the gym, others go for sports.

This is paired with healthy diets full of vitamins and minerals.

We look at the fitness and diet secrets of seven Bollywood stars.

Akshay Kumar

7 Fitness & Diet Secrets of Bollywood Stars - akshay

Akshay Kumar actively follows a strict fitness and diet regime in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Bollywood megastar regularly shares glimpses of his workouts on social media and he revealed that he mostly works on core exercises instead of lifting weights.

Akshay’s main fitness secret is engaging in sports like martial arts, yoga and basketball.

His morning routine consists of an hour of swimming and martial arts, followed by yoga. He concludes with an hour of meditation.

This is coupled with a diet that is free of any toxins.

In relation to fitness, Akshay previously said:

“You don’t have to be obsessed with exercising or dieting, the most important thing is to maintain a balanced and active lifestyle.”

Katrina Kaif

7 Fitness & Diet Secrets of Bollywood Stars - katrina

Katrina has always been one of Bollywood’s fittest celebrities but her physical transformation in Dhoom 3 required even more training.

Prior to Dhoom 3, Katrina would regularly practise yoga, swim and jog to keep fit.

Although her busy filming schedule often prevented her from going to a gym, she works out religiously with her personal trainer Reza Katani.

Preferring strength training over cardio, Katrina’s workout regime is tailored to her preference.

When shooting for Dhoom 3, Katrina stopped eating junk food and would wear her trainers virtually all day to train.

Playing the role of a gymnast meant that Katrina trained on a daily basis, to increase her core body strength and improve her flexibility.

Katrina had to sometimes train for 10 hours a day to perfect her choreography and acrobatics.

Katrina likes to eat a balanced healthy diet, which mainly consists of vegetables, fruit and protein.

When trying to achieve a slender figure in Dhoom 3, she removed all excess sugar and oil from her diet, limited her carbohydrate intake and increased her protein consumption.

Tiger Shroff

7 Fitness & Diet Secrets of Bollywood Stars - tiger

Tiger Shroff is one of Bollywood’s biggest fitness enthusiasts and his muscular physique is a testament to the hard work that he puts into the gym.

While he mostly does weight training, Tiger also practises martial arts and gymnastics.

According to his trainer Rajendra Dhole, Tiger is working out whenever he is away from the film set, revealing that he works out for 12 hours a day.

He said:

“If he is not shooting, he is either lifting weights or doing kicks or his gymnastics.”

“He basically spends 12 hours everyday training for some set of skills or another whether its dance, kicks or weights and when on a shoot when there is no gym we focus on bodyweight training and the main focus is always diet on the go.”

Tiger Shroff often provides glimpses of his rigorous training sessions on social media.

He is regularly seen lifting weights or doing martial arts.

In terms of diet, Tiger opts for high-protein foods.

This includes 10 egg whites with oatmeal for breakfast. Brown rice, boiled vegetables and chicken is a typical dish for lunch. Dinner includes broccoli and fish.

Tiger follows a strict routine of eating or snacking every two hours and mostly takes whey protein shakes, dry fruits or nuts to keep himself satiated.

Deepika Padukone

7 Fitness & Diet Secrets of Bollywood Stars - deepika

Deepika Padukone has always been big on fitness, once admitting that she exercised too much when she was younger.

Her regular exercise routine consists of yoga early in the morning, which is often followed by a half-hour walk.

Working with Yasmin Karachiwala, Deepika was introduced to pilates and stretching exercises which she now incorporates into her daily routine.

Deepika prefers doing freehand weights and she does four to five reps of these between stretching and pilates.

Rather than always going to the gym, Deepika likes to have fun whilst working out, therefore, she often uses dance as a great physical activity to keep fit and toned.

Along with a strict workout regime, Deepika ensures she eats well.

Eating plenty of vegetables and fruit throughout the day for snacks, eating nuts in the evening and drinking lots of water give her not only a toned figure but also glowing skin.

Ranveer Singh

7 Fitness & Diet Secrets of Stars - ranveer

Ranveer Singh is known for his quirky personality and dress sense, but the Bollywood star is also known for following a strict fitness regime.

His workout includes high-intensity interval training. This features push-ups, burpees, deadlifts and squats.

Ranveer does this for one and a half hours twice a day.

In addition, Ranveer runs, swims and cycles. He does this because he believes stamina is the most important factor when it comes to fitness.

In addition to working out, Ranveer also follows a strict diet.

The actor tends to eat home-cooked food that is high in protein and low in salt and oil.

For breakfast, Ranveer opts for egg whites and fruit. His lunch and dinner consist of fish, red meat and vegetables.

Throughout the day, Ranveer eats every three hours, snacking on nuts and a protein shake.

The combination of working out and a healthy diet help Ranveer maintain a toned body and is one of the reasons why he is so popular in Bollywood.

Priyanka Chopra

7 Fitness & Diet Secrets of - priyanka

Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra has always had a fantastic body.

To keep in shape her daily workout routine includes walking on the treadmill, push-ups and lunges, and yoga.

Priyanka prefers resistance training over weight training. When she is not in a gym she likes to go running.

When shooting for the film Mary Kom, Priyanka had to transform her figure from slender to muscular.

To achieve the figure of a boxer, Priyanka had to endure the gruelling workout regime that comes with it.

Lifting weights, skipping, boxing and a lot of running were all part of her daily workouts to achieve a muscular figure.

Throughout the week, Priyanka’s diet consists of daal, roti and steamed vegetables.

She only indulges in tandoori food, chocolates and cakes on the weekend.

Priyanka also drinks plenty of fluids, including coconut water.

Hrithik Roshan

7 Fitness & Diet Secrets of Stars - hrithik

Hrithik Roshan is always in shape and his incredible physique makes men envious while women swoon.

The actor regularly works out and even provides advice to those looking to get into fitness.

He revealed his workout routine during the 2020 lockdown and also said that a gym is not required when it comes to fitness.

Hrithik said: “I am a believer in making the best of whatever situation you are in.

A gym where you find the motivation of watching others, equipment for all kinds of muscle groups is great.

“But the bottom line is if you have to workout and there is no gym then we follow the mantra that one does not need a gym to workout.

“I mean just the floor can be enough if you do a little search on all possible floor exercises. So no excuses.”

On his fitness routine during such a difficult period, Hrithik said:

“These days I do a yoga stretching routine in the morning. Which takes about an hour.”

“And my evening workout is circuit training combining 5-6 exercised which have weights, functional all included.

“My usual workout is a combination of strength training, cardio and weights.”

He combines his workout with a healthy diet that is rich in protein, fruits and vegetables.

These Bollywood stars take their fitness very seriously, regularly working out and eating healthily.

They also tend to share glimpses of their workouts on social media and with such large followings, their fitness routines may inspire their fans.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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