Indian Mother abandons 5 Children to Marry Lover

A mother from Haryana has turned her back on her five children from her previous marriage to wed and move in with her lover.

Indian Mother abandons 5 Children to Marry Lover f

she no longer wanted to support them.

A mother from Haryana married her lover and moved in with him, turning her back on her five children.

It was reported that Noor Jahan and a man named Mausam married in Jaipur.

Meanwhile, Mausam remains married to his first wife, whom he has five children with.

In Alwar, Noor proceeded to hand over four of her kids to the Alwar Child Protection Commission.

Police and the commission in Alwar tried to convince the woman to reconsider but she ignored their advice.

Noor explained that she had been married to a truck driver named Tyeb for 15 years and they had five kids together.

However, the mother claimed that he did not take care of her or the children.

Noor also said that he was an alcoholic, which she tolerated for many years.

When it became too much, Noor left him, taking the children with her to the village of Khohari, Alwar.

She ended up meeting Mausam, a resident of a nearby village. He would travel to other cities for work.

Noor and Mausam quickly became attracted to each other.

Mausam declared that he will be with Noor but will not divorce his current wife.

The lovers eventually married. Noor wanted to live with Mausam so she considered handing her kids over to the Child Protection Commission. But the children did not want to be separated from her.

On September 15, 2022, Noor spoke of her intention to place four of her children in the care of the Child Protection Commission.

The mother-of-five and Mausam were presented by the police in front of members of the Child Protection Commission.

Four of her children were with her. The eldest is 14 years old and remains in Haryana.

Despite efforts to change her mind, Noor remained adamant that she no longer wanted to support them.

Reluctantly, the commission decided that the two daughters will live in Jaipur while the two sons will live in Alwar.

When Noor left with her new husband, her shocked children continued to follow them.

Noor Jahan is a mother of three boys and two girls.

Indian Mother abandons 5 Children to Marry Lover

The eldest works as a labourer in Haryana.

Eleven-year-old Sunaina said:

“We don’t know what will happen now. We want to be with our mother. We siblings will be separated.”

On September 16, the final arrangements for the children were made.

Rajesh Sharma, President of the Child Protection Commission, said that abandoned and orphaned children are kept in hostels until they are 18 years old.

If the parents change their minds, the children are placed back into their custody under various conditions.

One is that family counselling must take place.

Rajesh said that in Noor’s case, the children will be in the commission’s care.

Soon, they will contact Tyeb and if he says he is willing to take care of his children, the commission will consider placing the children in their father’s custody.

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