Justin Bieber displays Pakistani Fashion in Rastah Shirt

Justin Bieber shared pictures from his trip to Tokyo and showcased an oversized shirt from the Pakistani fashion label Rastah.

Justin Bieber displays Pakistani Fashion in Rastah Shirt f

“I love to see you so happy, you deserve it.”

Justin Bieber is currently in Japan and was spotted in a light pink shirt that has been designed by the Pakistani brand Rastah.

The shirt is from the latest Rastah’s Volume 10 collection.

The oversized shirt featured white flowers, adding a retro vibe.

Justin completed his look with baggy trousers but switched it up with white shorts.

The Canadian popstar is in Tokyo celebrating his fifth wedding anniversary with his model wife Hailey Bieber.

Justin Bieber displays Pakistani Fashion in Rastah Shirt

Justin posted a number of photos to Instagram in which he is seen matching his shirt with bright pink loafers, smiling excitedly as he sits on a swing.

Fans came together to compliment Justin and many commented that it was nice to see him so happy with Hailey.

One individual wrote: “I love to see you so happy, you deserve it.”

Another said: “The Biebers are living their best life as they should!”

A third wrote: “I love how they enjoy their lives ignoring thousands of miserable people who attack and analyse them everyday.

“I admire the mental strength of both of them, blessings to both.”

The photos captured the attention of Rastah and the fashion brand reposted the photographs on Instagram.

The caption read: “Justin Bieber wearing our hand-embroidered pink button down.”

Followers of the fashion house flocked in excitement to congratulate Rastah on the achievement and many wanted to know how Justin came across the brand.

One fan said: “I want to know the whole story! How did he reach here? What does he think of the brand?!

“The Desi aunty inside me is screaming wanting to know everything!”

Another said: “I have seen this brand grow and it makes my heart so happy to see the Desi community thriving.”

Justin Bieber displays Pakistani Fashion in Rastah Shirt 2

With Justin Bieber highlighting the fashion piece, he has given exposure to Rastah on an international level, and Pakistan could not be more proud.

Rastah came together in 2018 when cousins Zain, Ismail and Adnan collaborated to build a brand.

Zain is the creative director of the fashion house and grew up in London, Toronto and Vancouver.

The label is known for its high-quality fashionable ensembles.

Along with Justin Bieber, Karan Johar and Riz Ahmed have also worn pieces from Rastah and the brand has featured in Vogue.

Indian stars have been spotted wearing Pakistani fashion. Ram Charan wore Faraz Manan recently, and Shah Rukh Khan was also dressed in a Faraz Manan jacket for an advert in 2021.

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