Why did Bipasha Basu leave the Justin Bieber Concert in India?

A video has emerged showing Bipasha Basu forced to leave Justin Bieber’s Purpose concert. DESIblitz looks at the possible reasons for her early departure.

Why did Bipasha Basu leave the Justin Bieber Concert in India?

"There was no way we could stick on as it was getting chaotic."

Justin Bieber’s Indian concert for his Purpose world tour kicked off on 10th May 2017. Anyone and everyone from Bollywood attended the event. Except for one notable star, Bipasha Basu.

To be more specific, she and her husband Karan Singh Grover were forced to leave the concert early.

A new video has emerged showing the couple depart from the event earlier than expected. Almost as soon as they arrive!

In the footage, Bipasha claims it was “a little crowded for us” leading on for them to explain how they had no security with them:

“We didn’t bring our security with us, so that’s why we’re having to go,” Bipasha Basu told reporters.

In addition, the actress later expressed similar excuses to DNA. She added: “Wherever we went people were in pretty high spirits and it was getting difficult to stay as we were attracting more people.

“I also feel we were put in the wrong lounge as I did not see any known face, so we left. There was no way we could stick on as it was getting chaotic. So not a fun experience for us.”

Watch Bipasha Basu leave Justin Bieber’s concert:


It appears that Bipasha Basu and her husband had expected to simply walk in, despite arriving at a late time. Perhaps they had expected to receive “VIP treatment”?

Another point to explain why they might have been forced to leave could link to tickets. Did they have the necessary tickets needed to enter the concert?

It seems that nowadays, many celebrities have this perception that they can easily walk into an event or performance. With or without a ticket. But with the organisation of pop concerts of this calibre, it is likely they will not get their way.

Yet, regardless of Bipasha’s claims about security, it appears many from Bollywood attended the concert and still had an enjoyable time. From Alia Bhatt to Boney Kapoor, many of the stars posted on social media the thrill and excitement of Bieber’s Indian concert.


Bieber with bae-ber ??

A post shared by Alia ??? (@aliaabhatt) on

So could this just simply be Bipasha and Karan complaining about nothing?

While one could agree, other celebrities have voiced their overall disappointment in Justin Bieber’s concert.

On social media, singer Sona Mohapatra criticised the concert as “fake” and “overhyped”. Meanwhile, Sonali Bendre Behl, who attended with her son, dismissed the organisation of the whole event as “#wasteoftime”.

Others also complained how the singer himself relied only on his stardom and body to create a successful show. Instead of the songs which gained him that fame in the first place.

It appears Justin Bieber’s Purpose concert has caused quite a stir with Bollywood. While some enjoyed its bravado, others wrote it off as badly organised or simply not good.

Meanwhile, despite leaving the concert early, Bipasha Basu and her husband had a last-minute date night. Enjoying a romantic dinner, it seems they didn’t feel too left out from all excitement of the night.

But with such conflicting opinions, perhaps the next major singing superstar to hit India will take a lesson or two from Justin Bieber’s concert.

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Image courtesy of MovieTalkies' Youtube Channel.

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