Indian Girl commits Suicide due to No Money for Studies

In a sad incident, an Indian girl from Maharashtra took her own life due to having no money to undertake further studies.

Indian Girl commits Suicide due to No Money for Studies f

Yamini was often worried about further studies.

An Indian girl had no money for further studies and it sadly led to her taking her own life.

The incident took place in the city of Jalgaon, Maharashtra. The girl was identified as 17-year-old Yamini Pramod Patil.

She had passed every year of school and had planned to move onto higher education in order to eventually obtain a good job.

However, her father’s job as a farmer struggled to make any money. Due to not being able to afford further studies, Yamini committed suicide by consuming pesticide.

Police registered a case of accidental death but conducted a preliminary investigation.

The investigation revealed that Yamini had passed all her exams, from the first grade to the 10th. She wanted to continue with her studies before eventually getting a good job.

Her father worked as a farmer but his financial situation began to deteriorate due to an ongoing drought. The struggles eventually reached a point that he could not pay for Yamini’s studies.

Along with her father, the Indian girl also lived with her mother and younger brother Yogesh.

The family also struggled to live as the land that Yamini’s father worked on was one acre which meant that making ends meet was difficult.

Other family members told the police that as a result of their financial situation, Yamini was often worried about further studies.

On Saturday, November 30, 2019, her parents travelled to Bhusawal for a wedding while her brother went to school, leaving Yamini alone at the house.

The certainty that she could not undertake further studies due to no money had left Yamini distraught.

This led to the teenager taking extreme measures and at around 11 am, she consumed pesticide.

When her parents returned home, they found their daughter lying on the floor.

Yamini was rushed to the Government Medical College where she was declared dead by doctors.

Officers from Taluka Police Station registered a case of accidental death. Following Yamini’s death, locals in her home city have been mourning.

While this unfortunate case highlights the pressures of undertaking further studies, some students in higher education have taken their own lives due to the fear of failing.

One high-profile case involved IT student Mark Andrew Charles who feared he would get poor grades and would fail to get a job took his own life.

He was days away from his final presentation when he wrote a suicide note, stating that he may fail his exams and that “no hires a loser”.

Many people took to social media to highlight the pressures that students feel.

A case was registered and that Mr Charles’ body was taken to a hospital of an autopsy.

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