Married Indian Nurse commits Suicide due to Love Trap

A 31-year-old married Indian nurse from Haryana took her own life after getting trapped in a love affair. An investigation is underway.

Married Indian Nurse commits Suicide due to Love Trap f

Ajay and Meenakshi had been lovers.

A married Indian nurse was found dead on Sunday, February 16, 2020, having taken her own life.

The 31-year-old woman’s body was discovered at Saha Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Haryana where she worked. She had been working a night shift.

The deceased was identified as Meenakshi Saini.

It was revealed that she had a 22-minute conversation on the phone with a man named Ajay prior to her death. He worked at the hospital as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Ajay was the one who came across Meenakshi’s body. He took her body to an emergency room, however, doctors declared her dead.

Meenakshi’s family were informed. Her father Harkit Singh, husband Kuldeep Sharma, father-in-law Gyan Chand and mother-in-law gave a statement.

Based on their statement, a case was registered under forced suicide.

Meanwhile, police officers are questioning Ajay after they found suspicious injuries on Meenakshi’s hands and abdomen. A lack of suicide note also made officers suspicious.

According to police, Ajay was inside the PHC at the time of the suicide. The security guard had also been there.

Dr Vikas, senior doctor at PHC confirmed that Meenakshi had been working the night shift.

The investigation revealed details of the phone call between Meenakshi and Ajay which indicated a heated argument between the two.

On the morning of February 16, Ajay tried calling the Indian nurse but she did not pick up the phone.

Police believe that Ajay and Meenakshi had been lovers.

Meenakshi got married to Kuldeep sometime in 2008 in what was a love marriage. Both families had been against the wedding but Meenakshi’s father-in-law soon accepted it.

Shortly after their marriage, Kuldeep left to work in Australia. Since their marriage, Kuldeep has only visited his wife three times.

Meenakshi had been employed at PHC for eight years.

Due to her husband working abroad, a relationship commenced between Meenakshi and Ajay.

However, it was revealed that Ajay was set to get married to another woman at the end of February 2020. He also had a relationship with a third woman.

Police believe that when Meenakshi found out, her jealousy took over and an argument ensued over the phone.

On the phone, an angry Meenakshi told her lover to “go to hell” and also questioned his character.

While the investigation is ongoing, police suspect that Meenakshi took her own life after she felt that she could not get out of the love she trapped herself in for Ajay.

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